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It’s no secret that I love Tea 42 in Manchester. It’s the only place I feel ‘normal’ in. I don’t have  a little panic attack whilst looking at the menu hoping there’s at least something apart from a salad that  I can eat, because most of Tea 42s menu is gluten free – and it’s flipping delicious!

I was super lucky to be invited to their launch of their new a la carte menu which would be cooked by Matt Smith, (a Michelin star restaurant trained head chef, along with his talented team!). Not only was I going to sample the most finest foods in my most favourite place, but I was also going to see my lovely friend Pam , who I had not seen in a while. So naturally, we pushed our tables together, introduced our other half’s and did some major catching up!

photo 1 (2)

Me and the lovely Pam aka SpamellaB



TEA42 a la carte menu

Amuse Bouche – Cauliflower Puree accompanied with freshly baked gluten free bread and creamy butter


Our first dish was an Amuse Bouche; a cauliflower puree accompanied by two little flowerpots of freshly baked bread.

Being a sucker for all things cute, I was already won over by the little flowerpots but the bread itself was lovely. It wasn’t too dry or crumbly, like you’d expect from gluten free baked goodies, it was just right, especially with the light and fluffy cauliflower puree. I gave dish number 4/5

P.S – for the non gluten free peeps, this is also available with gluten laden bread (which Mike really liked)



Now I’m not gonna lie, I was nervous about my starter. Usually I would have stuck to something I knew I’d enjoy but something made me try the squid – and I have never in my life had squid – so you can understand the nerves.

photo 2

Thai Spiced Squid with Rice Noodle Salad


However, this probably became one of my favourite dishes (the main, which I shall get to, did blow this one out of the water) but I couldn’t believe how delicious it was. The squid wasn’t chewy and each bite was pleasantly spiced with Thai seasoning. I would definitely ask for this dish again. I give this dish: 5/5


photo 3

Ginger and Yuzu Cured Salmon


Mike had the salmon for his starter which came as three generous sized portions of salmon. Mike said it was really nice (which I’ve stated before is the highest praise from Mike!). It was also very fresh with good, generous portions. Mike gives this dish: 4/5




photo 4

Tangy Citrus Sorbet


The third dish consisted of a citrus sorbet that cleansed the pallet before the main course. I do love sorbet, so naturally this could do no wrong and the citrus wasn’t too sharp! I give this dish: 4/5


photo 5

Roast Lamb Loin with warm carrot salad, carrot purée, savoy cabbage and lamb hot pot ravioli


I’m still dreaming about this dish. This dish has to be one of the greatest meals I’ve ever had. Everything about it was absolutely perfect, so much so that Mike said I went quiet whilst eating it! Not only did you want to frame it because it looked so damn pretty, but the lamb, the carrot, cabbage and the lot was cooked to perfection. It’s the dish that is making me want to go back again and again. I give this dish: 5/5 (wish I could give it more!) 



Roast Sea Bream with Kombu Quinoa, Samphire and Cockles



Mike chose the Roast Sea Bream for his main dish. He said the dish was very nice (again – the highest of praises from Mike) and the Quinoa, which he’d never tried before, went really well with the dish. The particular highlight for Mike was the crispy skin. Mike gives this dish: 4.5/5



photo 2 (2)

Pina Colada; coconut parfait, caramelised pineapple and pineapple carpaccio

For our last dish, both me and Mike went for the Pina Colada. I went for this because it was named after my favourite cocktail but Mike was swayed because of the recommendation from one of the lovely waiters. Usually me and Mike won’t go for a dessert but this was just the perfect size and so refreshing! We both give this dish: 4.5/5


Overall, I had one of my favourites nights at the TEA42 launch. Not only was I in great company but the food was just perfect. I was slightly worried at the thought of 5 dishes but they was so perfectly sized that I wasn’t too ‘pogged’ (as we say in Yorkshire – which means full) or too hungry. Not only was the food to die for but for less then £25 for 5 dishes, it doesn’t break the bank!

Will I be going again? Damn right I will, especially if it means I can get the Roast Lamb Loin again.



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