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[REVIEW] Pizza Express Gluten Free Pizzas

If someone had told me when I was first diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2007 that I’d be able to get gluten free pizza from many established restaurants I’d have told them to get on their bike!

But now, we can literally order gluten free pizzas pretty much anywhere now and one of those places is the amazing Pizza Express!

PIZZA EXPRESS LOGO Before my diagnosis, I loved going to Pizza Express! I loved their thin, crispy pizza bases and their unique pizza toppings which is no surprise that I was a little deflated when I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, knowing that I would no longer be able to enjoy their pizzas.

However all this changed when Pizza Express made it available for us Coeliacs and Gluten/Wheat Intolerants to enjoy their pizza again – by bringing out their own gluten free pizza bases! Now I go as much as I can!

My favourite pizza base is their gluten free Romana pizza base – a thinner, crisper base inspired from Rome –  with the Padana toppings (goats cheese, mozzarella, tomatoes, caramelised onion, red onion, spinach and garlic oil) Trust me, it’s absolutely delicious and because of the spinach and goats cheese, it seems somewhat healthier then your usual pizza topping! Alternatively, if the Romana Pizza Base isn’t your thing, their Classic and Piccolo pizza bases can be made gluten free too!


The pizza arrives uncut – giving you the confidence knowing that your pizza hasn’t been cut with the same pizza cutter used to cut a wheat/gluten base.

If you don’t fancy trying their Pizzas and want to try something different, Pizza Express also offer gluten free pasta dishes!

My only complaint (and this is such a minor complaint) is that I wish Pizza Express had a wider selection of starters. Usually I opt for their Buffalo Mozzarella and Tomato Salad (which I may add – is amazing!) but sometimes I want their famous Pizza Express Dough Balls! However, you never know! Maybe one day Pizza Express will surprise us!

But if Buffalo Mozzarella and Tomato Salad isn’t quite your thing, they are also offering other gluten free starters such as their Melanzanine – layered marinated Italian aubergine, passata, mozzarella, basil and Gran Milano cheese – Or their Risotto Fresco

ALSO – For Coeliac Awareness Week 2015 (May 11th – 17th) Pizza Express are offering 2 Gluten Free courses for £11.95. Simply download this [VOUCHER]  (courtesy of Coeliac UK ) and with your Coeliac Membership, present it to your waiter before booking. (Terms and Conditions apply)




Where Have I Been?

So… I think it’s safe to say I’ve kind of been a little absent in the gluten free world lately.


I’ve not blogged and I’ve not tweeted for a couple of weeks months now.


All is well though! I’m still here, I still silently pop on every now again and see how the little gluten free universe is doing and I could never, ever give up on the blogosphere as you guys have been such amazing support to me throughout my gluten free journey.


Things have changed for me. I ended up getting my dream job, working as a branch co’ordinator but I am also working with people who suffer from anxiety and mental health issue, which is something close to my heart. I absolutely love it but it’s a little demanding – I find myself absolutly cream crackered at the end of the day and often find myself comatosed on the sofa watching endless repeats of Big Bang Theory till I can muster the energy to crawl upstairs and into bed!


I’ve also been on a holiday of a lifetime to New Zealand (which I promise to blog all about soon) where I witnessed the lovely Jenni and Dave get married!



(I'm the one in the dark red skirt)

And some of you may know that during the flight to New Zealand I ended up being rushed to hospital in Singapore.


They suspected I had a grumbling appendix but it turned out to be ovarian cysts – which from what I’ve learnt is quite common but it’s extremely painful. I’m still in a lot of pain now but I’m waiting on more test results (to rule out any other underlying problem) but to help me with the pain I am often popping strong painkillers which knock me out and send me off with the fairies – which is another reason why I’ve not been able to blog.


But I shall be back! And I look forward to catching up in the gluten free blogsophere soon. I can already see exiting things happening, such as Pizza Express doing gluten free pizza bases and Heinz bringing out their gluten  free range (which I am yet to try!) and my god, I have been eating endless amounts of Dominos gluten free pizza!



Chocolate Crispie / Cornflake Cakes

Since it was chocolate week this week, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to eat as much chocolate as my body could handle and obviously discover easy and cheap gluten free chocolate recipes.

‘Twitters-ville’ has been rife with some really impressive and adventurous chocolate recipes with some people even adding chocolate to meat dishes! I never thought these two would go together, but apparently meat and chocolate go together like birds of a feather.

So I thought of making some chocolate mousse because I assumed it’s simple [like me, as my mum would say] and all you need is egg whites and chocolate , it’s cheap as chips and it’s absolute foul proof – yeah…. right!

First off – making egg whites. Simple enough but it’s bloody hard work! After 20 mins of vigorous stirring I was brought to my knees! My arms felt like they were gonna drop off! Some of you may laugh and think I’m over exaggerating  but just look at the state of the whisk I had to use!

Just look at the state of it! I just knew by looking at it that me and this whisk were gonna fall out, but because I didn’t have any alternative, I had to just get over it and use this whisk! So because I had to use this disgrace, I didn’t mix my egg whites enough as I lost patience after a while – this was my first mistake. I also used milk chocolate instead, which apparently isn’t supposed to be used in chocolate mousse recipes, it tasted fine but it made the mousse look a bit anaemic – my second mistake.

And then, when I left it in the fridge to set, the bloody thing separated and looked gross!  This apparently was because I hadn’t let the chocolate cool before mixing in my egg whites – my third mistake!

So admitting defeat [for now, I will attempt to make it another time] I went back to the ‘drawing board’ to think of other simple, quick and easy gluten free chocolate recipes. I looked in the food cupboard but felt like Old Mrs Hubbard – it was bare, except for the odd bits that didn’t really go well together such as sprinkles, custard and pickled onions [mmmm!].

The I realised, I still had chocolate left over from the mousse recipe and I had cereal which meant I could make….


I usually make these when I want something sweet but can’t be bothered to bake and I also make them for Mikey. He absolutely loves them which is a hindrance more than a blessing as he literally scoffs the lot and then goes into a chocolate coma!




  1. 100g of chocolate
  2. 25 tablespoons of gluten free ‘rice crispies’ or gluten free ‘cornflakes’



  1. Break up the chocolate in to chunks and place in a large bowl [I used a casserole dish – works just as well] 
  2. Place the dish on top of a pan of boiling water, make sure the dish doesn’t touch the water! 
  3. Gently melt the chocolate making sure it doesn’t burn or stick to the dish 
  4. Add a tablespoon at a time and stir of either your gluten free ‘cornflakes’ or ‘rice crispes’ 
  5. Carefully, place the chocolate covered cereal in some bun cases and keep refrigerated 
  6. Try and hide them from Mike