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My March Favourites

It’s that time again, when I list off all my favourite gluten free treats that I’ve enjoyed this month. I started the monthly favourites list at the start of January and it’s been a great way of showing you lovely lot what I’ve really loved in the land of gluten free as well as the gluten free recipes I’ve made and consumed this month!

And I know it’s bad timing doing this blog post today considering it’s April Fool’s day [as well as my cat Honey’s birthday – ‘happy birthday Honey’] but I can assure you none of the things listed are an Aprils fool – I’m not that cruel! Although I did try and fool some of you on my personal facebook and twitter that I’d bought myself a pet skunk… but nobody battered an eyelid! [Isn’t it a cutie!?]

Gluten Free Tortillas


It’s pretty clear that one of the things we coeliacs miss  is tortillas, and although I’ve made my own gluten free tortillas, sometimes I miss the convenience of ready made tortillas because, quite frankly, I cannot be bothered to roll out dough and make them! So after trying Love More ready made gluten free tortilla wraps and absolutely loathing them [you can see my review here], a couple of us wondered if we’d ever find tasty ready made gluten free tortillas, that was until Caleigh from Gluten Free[k] came to the rescue! She told us of a fabulous Mexican food site online called Mex Grocer that specialises in gluten free corn tortillas! So I ordered a batch and you do get quite a lot, but it’s great value for money and they freeze wonderfully! They were so tasty and so soft that I after heating them up slightly in a frying pan, I was amazed at how they didn’t break when you wrapped them around your food! I’ll be doing a more in-depth review on them soon but they have become one of my gluten free hero’s!

Foodamentalists Gluten Free Bread Mix


I’ve wrote a more in-depth review about this amazing product here, but it’s only fair that I mention it again in my gluten free March Favourites as I’ll definitely be buying more and highly recommend it! Since being diagnosed with coeliac disease, I’ve been pretty wary about making and baking my own gluten free bread and avoided the whole thing like the plague. However, when the lovely Steve from Foodamentalists sent me a bag of their gluten free bread mix, I knew I had to succumb to my fear and make  my own gluten free bread and I’m so glad I tried it, as it was so easy to make and turned out to be one of the tastiest gluten free breads I’ve tried! P.s – It’s also dairy and egg free too!

Dietary Specials & Glutafin Gluten Free Day, Manchester 


As you’re all aware, D.S and Glutafin held a Gluten Free World Day in Manchester on the 24th March and I was extremely lucky to have been invited, along with my ‘bezzie’ mate Amy. I’ve wrote about it more here in my recent blog post, but I had such a fabulous dayout that it’s only fair that I mention it in my monthly favourites. If they do happen to be hosting another Gluten Free World Day in your area or near by then you should definitely go! I got to try amazing gluten free foods from Dietary Specials such as their gluten free sausage rolls and other gluten free products such as the amazing TruFree biscuits!

Black Farmer Burgers and Meatballs


Since we’ve been having such amazing weather this spring [which goes to show Summer might possibly be a wash out!], I’ve been getting out more [when I haven’t been poorly] and more importantly, having barbecues! Now barbecue often fill  ‘normal’ folk with feelings of summer and nostalgia where as for the humble coeliac, the word ‘barbecue’ often fills them with panic because it’s quite hard hunting down suitable and affordable gluten free burgers and sausages that we can cook on the ‘barbie’. However, that’s when Black Farmer comes to the rescue!

Now it’s very rare that other ‘normal’ wheat loving people are ever jealous of a coeliac and we’re often looked at with the occasional sympathy glance. However, when I cracked Black Farmer’s Pork and Apple Burgers on the barbecue last week and offered the others to try it, every single one of them looked on with envy! So much so that quite a few of us are going to put in an order soon as we can’t get enough! Honestly, they are the nicest tasting burgers I’ve ever had and I’ll be writing up a more in-depth review later on in the month!

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My January Favourites!

Well I thought I’d start a new little  feature on my blog where every month I’ll tell you about the gluten free delights [amongst other things] that have kept me happy this month! Also, I will link to all the recipes I’ve made this month just in case you’ve missed any!

Sakata Rice Crackers


These gluten free crackers are the number one snack food in Australia and have now become mine! What’s more, they’re under 9 calories and taste amazing [especially dipped in salsa, houmous or guacamole] They’ve also become an absolute  life saver when I’ve been trying to eat healthy and stay off unhealthy snack foods too!

D.S Gluten Free Pizza


This pizza is by far the greatest gluten free frozen pizza I’ve had! It tastes just like normal Italian style pizza with a stone baked base. Plus It saved me from the hangovers to end all hangovers on New Years Day! [Check my post here for a more in depth review]

Gluten Free Tacos and Tortillas


Since making my gluten free tortillas and discovering that Discovery do certified gluten free taco trays [yay!!] I’ve been able to have my most loved cuisine again; Mexican! So Sundays have become Mexican night where I’ve made home made gluten free three bean chilli, Mexican chilli and home made guacamole! [Will blog the recipe real soon – I promise!]

The Fabulous Baker Brothers


I doubt I’m not the only one this month who’ve enjoyed The Fabulous Baker Brothers on Channel 4! They’ve been such a joy to watch which is why I had to make their amazing sticky dough stick recipe [which I obviously made gluten free!] They came out tasting amazing and was so nice to have doughnuts again!


Chocolate Cake in a Cup


Who knew you could make a gluten free chocolate cake, in a cup that’s been blasted in a microwave in under 5 minutes!  I didn’t even think it was possible until I made it myself and it has now become my new favourite thing! Now whenever I get a big chocolate craving [which is pretty much everyday] or get the midnight munchies, I know it’s not gonna be much effort to make a mini gluten free chocolate cake in a cup!

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