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My easy gluten free ferrero rocher recipe

With Valentines day just around the corner [as is my birthday people!] I thought I’d blog some lustful, delicious and gluten free valentines inspired desserts which I will dedicate to some of the great lovers past and present!

So I think it’s only right that I post my ferrero rocher recipe which I have dedicated to the most beautiful yet explosive relationship ever; Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton! I love, love, love good ol’ Lizzy T and one my all time favourite films [that my lovely sister got me for Christmas on DVD] is Cleopatra! It’s an epic film… but it doesn’t half go on a bit, but trust me it’s worth it! It’s also the film where you can see them both at their greatest! So if you haven’t see it people, go watch it! [you’ve been told!]

Now, to the gluten free ferrero rocher and a photo of a half eaten one…

I was tortured around Christmas when it seemed like every supermarket was stocking a billion of trays of ferrero rocher on every shelf. All right, that maybe a slight exaggeration but it felt like every where I turned- BAM- I was reminded that I could never eat the one thing I loved! Sadly, February is no different and it was only the other day when I was shopping in Tesco when I saw a shelf literally full of these beauties but in heart shaped trays! *groan*

So I had a little brain wave, I was going to attempt to make my own gluten free ferrero rocher for all us coeliacs, as I’m sure I’m not the only one who misses these golden balls [if you pardon the expression!]. Now I assumed they’d be pretty difficult to make but I couldn’t be further from the truth: They’re so simple!

I found a recipe on a blog called Palachinka, who gave me a general idea on how to make them. The only problem was: I couldn’t find any gluten free hazelnut wafers [I wish there was such a thing, as they sound delicious!]. So the tiny, rusty cogs in my head started to creak and suddenly I had another brainwave: ‘I could use gluten free ice cream cones!’. But sadly, I couldn’t find any in the shops by me [although some supermarkets do stock them!]. So I ordered some online on the ‘ye ol’ tinternet’ last week… and they still haven’t arrived!

So I went back to drawing board and tried to think of an easier alternative! I needed something that everybody would find easily, wouldn’t cost an arm and leg to buy and that’s when I realised: ‘I could use crushed up rice pops!’ But my biggest worry was would it work? So I took to Twitters-ville and asked the pros who reassured me it’d be a good idea (although I did hear some horror stories!)

So I followed the recipe on  Palachinka blog and made my first batch of gluten free ferrero rocher! It was so simple and tasted a little like ferrero rochers. 

Now I say ‘it tasted a little’ like ferrero rocher but there was something missing! Then it dawned on me, it was missing the crushed hazelnut shell and the big, fat nut in the middle! Which prompted me to make my own ferrero rocher and here they are!




  • 100g of Rice Pops
  • 150g of Hazelnuts
  • 200g of Nutella
  • 250g Cooking Chocolate [and double check it’s gluten free as I found out Silver Spoon cooking chocolate contains wheat!]



  1. In a bowl add the Nutella and pop it in the freezer for 10 minutes to harden a little [I found it helped with the rolling] 
  2. While that’s in the freezer,  in another bowl, crush the Rice Pops 
  3. Take out the Nutella from the freezer. With clean hands, mould the Nutella round one, whole Hazelnut to form a ‘ferrero rocher sized ball’. Then carefully drop the ‘ferrero rocher sized ball’ into the bowl with the crushed rice pops and move around so it’s evenly coated! [And before anybody asks about the picture below, no, that is NOT a photos of the cats litter tray] 
  4. Pop the ‘crushed rice pops ferrero rocher sized balls’ on a plate and pop in the fridge 
  5. In another bowl, carefully crush the Hazelnuts and leave aside 
  6. Now break the Cooking Chocolate and melt in a microwave or in a bowl over a pan of boiling water. 
  7. Once melted add the crushed Hazelnuts and give it a good mix 
  8. Now take the ‘crushed rice pops ferrero rocher sized balls’ out of the fridge, and one to the bowl with the crushed Hazelnuts and mixed Cooking Chocolate and coat them. I found using two spoons helped coat them easily 
  9. Do this with every ball and then pop them back on the plate and in a small cupcake case. Then put them back into the fridge to harden a little! [Won’t take too long] 
  10. And now amaze everyone with your ferrero rocher making skills! 

[My take on ferrero rochers mixed with ones from Palachinka blog]