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Dietary Specials Bontà d’Italia Pizza Review

After my last blog about Dominos Pizza not doing gluten free bases in the UK, but they do in other countries [pfft, I know right!] it was obvious us gluten free peeps missed and loved our pizzas! Even though we’re lucky that there’s places out there that do gluten free pizzas [see here for list] sometimes all you want is to stay in, get your comfy glad rags on, watch a movie, hang out with friends and have some pizza!

All right you could make your own, either using one of Dietary Specials pizza bases or go back to basics using my easy, peasy gluten free pizza dough recipe [which you can also use to make dough balls!], but there’s times when all you want is it already pre made and all you gotta do is shove it in the oven and bingo – you’ve got yourself a gluten free pizza!

Now this is where Dietary Specials come in…

You see, some of you may already know that Dietary Specials do a gluten free pizza called Bontà d’Italia. It’s a thin, crispy margherita pizza with an Italian, stone baked base.

I knew when I bought it that is was going to be money well spent as Dietary Specials do some amazing, great tasting  products, such as their short crust pastry [which I made gluten free crumble topped mince pies and gluten free cheese and onion pasties] and the greatest gluten free Yorkshire puddings [review here] that taste just like the real thing, that you find yourself triple checking that they’re actually gluten free! So you can now get a little understanding why I was pretty excited to eat this pizza!

The Dietary Specials Bontà d’Italia pizza is up there with the greatest gluten free products around! I mean it, it’s absolutely delicious that even my friends who don’t have to eat gluten free like it too! Like their Yorkshire puddings, it’s hard to believe that it’s gluten free and you do find yourself checking the packaging to make sure that it’s gluten and wheat free!

So it’s because of this that I give this pizza two big thumbs up and highly recommend it to other gluten free peeps! What’s more, it’s also suitable for vegetarians! I just hope they continue making other pizzas like the Bontà d’Italia pizza but with other toppings, so we have more choice. But for now, I’m super happy to have the margherita one!

Happy New Year Blog Post!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and an even memorable New Year!

I’ve been so busy with the festivities that I’ve been pretty much M.I.A on both my blog and twitter. So before anyone sends out a search party, you can rest assured as I’m back and ready to give you a mini feedback of things I’ve done and things I’ve discovered!

First and foremost, I’ve decided to combine both my personal blog with my gluten free blog! I had usually kept them separate and just blog about gluten free recipes and reviews on this one, but because I’ve been doing this, I’ve kind of been neglecting my other personal blog! So from now on, I’m gonna be blogging both gluten free recipes and the odd personal blog post on here!

[Christmas Toby]

I also had a fabulous Christmas and it was so great to spend some quality time with the family, see my friends from back home and just get involved with the usual shenanigans! But, I don’t know about anyone else, but it just didn’t feel that Christmassy this year? But then again, that might have been something to do with the lack of snow, the mild temperatures etc, but non the less, I still loved every minute of it!

[me and my amazing Grandad on Christmas day]

I also discovered a new gluten free goody! I left most of my Christmas food shopping till the last minute, and realised to my horror when I got home, that I hadn’t bought any gluten free stuffing to go alongside my turkey! I thought about making my own gluten free stuffing and I really liked the recipe by ‘GlutenFreeMrsD‘ which I saw featured on Caleigh’s blog: GlutenFreeks ‘Free From & Festive‘ post! But I knew I was going to have a million and one things to do on Christmas morning that I wouldn’t have the time to make it from scratch [although I’m still going to definitely try this recipe real soon to go with my Sunday dinner!]. So luckily for moi, I did find one, lonesome box of gluten free stuffing at my local Sainsburys!

It was so yummy and in my opinion ‘just like the real thing’ that even my Auntie Joanne preferred this gluten free stuffing to the ‘normal’ gluten version! So the Hale & Hearty definitely get two thumbs up from me!

[Yummy gluten free Christmas dinner!]

 I also got the most gorgeous cupcake stand off my amazing mum for Christmas which will ‘fo’sho’ get an appearance on my blog soon as I have some amazing cupcake recipes in the pipeline for 2012. So the cupcake stand will be a great way to show them to you all! I also got a Cath Kidston oven glove from the gorgeous Pam (SpamellaB) which has come in handy since my only oven glove is a complete state and should really be chucked out!

I also had an unforgettable New Years Eve with my nearest and dearest in Manchester! We threw a houseparty / belated house warming party and even created a ‘Disco Room’ complete with disco ball and lights! It was great to say goodbye to 2011 with friends and cheer on the new year – Just wish I could remember most of it!

[me and Rachel on NYE]
[me and Pam NYE]

Come New Years Day, I wasn’t really in the mood to do much else then lounge about in my PJs and watch random telly!  I certainly wasn’t in the mood to do any cooking what’s so ever, so I was really lucky to have had Dietary Specials: Bontà d’Italia Margherita  pizza in the freezer! The pizza has to be the tastiest and greatest gluten free frozen pizza I have ever tasted! The crispy stonebaked base is so delicious that it’s hard to believe that it’s even gluten free! Even Mike wanted to share it with me and absolutely love it! So do look out for that pizza in Asda as it’s the nicest I’ve tasted!

So all in all, I’ve had a fab time but I am really excited to see what 2012 has in store for me! I have some great recipes lined up for you al along with some more gluten free product reviews! Hope you all had a fab festive holiday!