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Channel 4 Food’s Best Gluten Free Blogs

If you follow me on twitter, you’d have already heard about me being featured on Channel 4 Foods website. I had to refrain from retweeting the link and constantly talking about it like a mentalist, but you can’t blame me for being too excited!

So Channel 4 Food contacted me a while back asking if I’d like to feature on their site with other fantastic gluten free/allergy free blogs [as if I’d have turn this opportunity down!] So while trying to remain calm and professional, I immediately replied yes and waited [im]patiently for their site to go live….

And it did on Friday!

I’m so grateful to be mentioned alongside other awesome gluten free/allergy free bloggers and being included alongside them as one of the best. Please visit the other blogs and websites as they’re truly awesome and definitely deserve it:

The Intolerant Gourmet 

The Gluttonous Vegan

Gluten Dairy Free 

Pig In The Kitchen 

A Girls Guide to Gluten Free Baking 

Free From

Food is Good 

Eating Like a Horse 

The Gluten Free Blog