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Dominos Gluten Free Pizza -Just Not In The UK

There was plenty of talk yesterday in the land of Twitter about Dominos pizza doing gluten free pizza bases!

It all started when Mike tweeted me a menu from Dominos Pizza in Australia and New Zealand, and there lurking at the bottom left hand side was an option for a gluten free dominos pizza! {click here for the menu}  However,Dominos in the UK doesn’t have this option which is a reason why us coeliacs haven’t let a dominos pizza pass our lips for a long time!

Nobody could understand why Dominos in the UK wouldn’t do gluten free pizzas. So, sicking together and creating a little twitter army, we bagan to spread the word by retweeting a tweet which was made by one of my followers; Martin Saunders.

 So the retweets prompted Dominos UK to respond and send the following tweet:

Martin even offered to find a supplier for them but he was asked to write a letter to the head office. Even Gluten Free Bistro, a company that makes tasty gluten free treats, offered to become their supplier. 

So fingers crossed ladies and G’s, as there’s still a chance we could have dominos pizza again like our Aussie friends. Let’s hope they find a supplier quickly and keep on looking!

However, don’t despair as we still have some fabulous gluten free pizza places out here in the UK that we can still enjoy. Thanks to all this talk about pizza on twitterville meant some of us was tweeting their favourite restaurants or take outs that do gluten free pizzas:

Mammas American Pizza Co – Edinburgh

Red Tomato Pizza and Pasta Takeaway – Doncaster

Credo Pizza – Dublin

Bake At Home Pizza Company – Fulham

Dough Pizza Kitchen – Manchester

Hell Pizza – Ireland and London

Atomic Pizza – Oxford

Bruschetta – Kingston

Da Gianni – Hull [with 24 hours notice]

Bella Italia – Nationwide

Thanks so much to those who tweeted me about these fabulous restaurants and take outs, if you know of any more I would love for you to leave a little comment below and I’ll get it added to the list!

Also, if you’re wondering where else cater for us coeliacs [and not just gluten free pasta and pizza], there’s a list of gluten free restaurants I’ve created. Although I’ve based my list on places in Manchester, a lot of the restaurants mentioned are nationwide 🙂

But if pre-made/frozen pizza is your thing, then check out Dietary Specials Bontà d’Italia Pizza! It’s by far, the greatest frozen pizza I’ve ever tasted! It’s hard to believe its gluten free and when my friends have tried a slice (when I’ve felt generous!) they’ve all be surprised at how nice it is and doesn’t taste like it should be gluten free! I’ll be writing up a more indepth review soon but do try and look out for it as I highly recommend it!

If you would like get involved in showing Dominos that we want gluten free pizza here in the UK, please sign my petition:

Fosters Gluten Free Fish and Chips

The one thing me and my friend Amy miss more than anything since being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease is a good ol’ fashioned bag of fish and chips. I absolutely love the stuff which I think has something to do with my dad owning a chippy when I was younger. I literally lived off the stuff! Yet, since being diagnosed I haven’t been able to enjoy fish and chips anymore… that is, until I came across Fosters!

Fosters is situated in Didsbury and Alderly Edge in Manchester. They are a family run business who litrally breathes, lives and eats fish and chips, so you know they know their stuff when it comes to good, tasting food. All their batter is made from natural ingredients and their potatoes are locally sourced.

They realised that people with coeliac disease and other food intolerence couldn’t experience the traditional delight of fish and chips. Therefore they dedicate Sundays  to a gluten free experience. First Sunday of month for their Alderley Edge shop and EVERY Sunday for their Didsbury shop.

Me and Mike visited their Didsbury shop to try out their gluten free fish and chips. Although we had a choice of taking out our meals, we opted to eat in as we were impressed with their modern, clean and fun looking restaurant! We were greeted by their friendly staff and shown our table and menu; which I might add was so impressive! You had a choice of different fishes to try from Hake to Swordfish, but I opted for the classic, Battered Cod. I was even more suprised that I was able to have a bowl of ‘batter bit’s, as this was something I miss from my days when my dad owned his chippy.

Just take a look at the size of the portions you get! My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw it – in a good way though!

The battered cod was done to perfection. It was just how I remembered good fish tasting; light yet also crispy! The chips too we’re done to how I like but tasted even better with a bit of mushy peas added to them!

I really would recommend Fosters gluten free fish and chip days for all those who, like me, miss fish and chips! You get amazing sized portions, the staff are super friendly, the service is top notch and you get to eat fish and chips again! 

Dough Pizza Kitchen’s Gluten Free Tasting Evening

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending Dough Pizza Kitchen’s first gluten free tasting evening. The night was designed for us coeliacs, as well as those who support us, the chance to mingle together in a fun and supportive environment whilst tasting their new gluten free pizza recipes.

I took along my friend Amy, who also suffered from coeliac disease and like myself, it obsessed with Dough Pizza Kitchen. Amy had discovered the delights of Dough one evening after being told by a nearby bar/restaurant “we’re sorry, but we don’t cater for people like yourself”. In other words, as Amy put it, “Dough literally came to my rescue that night”.

As I mentioned previously, Dough is my ‘go to’ place where I want to have fun and feel included whilst dining out with friends. With Dough I don’t have to worry beforehand about whether they’ll cater for me or if they’ll be anything I like on the menu because with Dough, you have a choice of starters, mains, pizzas, pastas salads and desserts that can be made gluten free. Even though they serve the gluten alternatives for those who don’t want to have gluten free food, Amy did tell me that her boyfriend Matt much prefers the gluten free dough sticks to the original!

The tasting session was held underneaths Dough’s ‘sister’ bar, Apotheca, which gave it that fun, friendly yet sophisticated atmosphere to the night. We were introduced to the friendly David and Alyson, who made me and Amy feel so welcome. It was nice to see such a large mix of people, from young to old, male to female as well as different races, but that’s the good thing about Dough, they literally cater and suit anyone!

Alyson explained how in 2008, they’d decided to ‘dip their toes’ in the world of gluten free food, in order to provide those with dietary needs the chance to have a fun night out without having to worry about what’s on the menu. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that Dough made the right decision here because not only do me and my friends enjoy it, but the company has gone from strength to strength. With more gluten free food being introduced on the menu as well as some customers travelling from the most southern parts of England to try their pizzas – and that’s saying something!


We didn’t have to wait long till the chefs came in with the trays of gluten free pizza for us to try, we had a choice of Balsamic Onion and Cheshire Cheese, Garlic Pizza Mozerella, Spicy Chicken, Tricoloure, Duck and Brie, Butternut Squash [my favourite!] and Vegetable Delux [some of these can be found on their menu]. We were quite literally, spoilt for choice! It was nice to taste different kinds of pizza that I wouldn’t usually go for and I was surprised how healthy most of these pizzas were, especially for those coeliacs who are also health conscious. Amy’s eye lit up when she spotted the garlic pizza! Through a mouthful of the garlic pizza she explained this was the first time in years she’d tasted it but was gutted she’d forget to pack her chewing gum! However, when the second batch of pizzas came in, everyone jumped up to grab their slice, knowing how nice these gluten free pizzas were. I wish I was quick, as I had eyed the Garlic and Tomato Pizza but sadly, they’d gone when I got to the table.


However, I wasn’t disheartened, I knew the ‘crème de la crème’ was due soon, so while we waited Amy tried Estrella Damm Daura gluten free beer. I’m not a beer drinker unfortunately, but Amy felt the beer was refreshing and light, and would definitely order it on a night out!  But before we knew it, the empty pizza trays were whisked away and replaced with the most gorgeous looking gluten free desserts I’d ever laid my eyes on! Me and Amy had learnt our lesson from the pizzas, and we were up quickly before the queue started. We had a choice of New York Cheesecake and Flourless Chocolate Torte [that are already on the menu], Cappuccino Cheesecake [my favourite!] Lemon and Lime Meringue and Chocolate Meringue Roll with Whisky Cream. These were provided by The Cocoa Emporium‘ which is based in Afflecks Palace, in the Northern Quarter which I am yet to visit, but after tasting these desserts I shall be taking a visit very soon!

All in all, it was a fantastic evening and would like to thank Dough for allowing me and Amy the chance to taste their new gluten free pizzas. If you require any more information just post me a little comment below or visit the Doughs website.