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The Gluten Free Challenge – Day 4

Ah, the humble Yorkshire Pudding.

Those glorious little things that you take for granted until you’re diagnosed with coeliac disease and can longer eat them [cue sulk]

I absolutely love and adore Yorkshire puddings and contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with the fact I hail from Yorkshire.  There’s something so addictive about those little wheat bowls. They go so well with a Sunday roast, taste divine with a glug of gravy over em’ and they’re ‘apparently’ easy to make…

…yeah right. They’re a right bugger to make!

[But please don’t let me stupidity put you off attempting to make them, many people have no problems cooking them]

I think it may have something to do with the zillion ‘rules’ of Yorkshire pudding making.  Some tell you to chill the mixture for half an hour, some don’t. Some claim you shouldn’t use eggs while others state that you should!

On Day 4 of my GFC, I thought I’d throw caution to the wind and attempt to make some gluten free Yorkshire puddings. I scoured the internet for some gluten free Yorkshire pudding recipes [they’re rife!] and set about making some for my dinner. ..

My first batch wasn’t so good.

I’d decided to make one huge mother of a pudding and place all my veggies and roast inside – like a bowl of some kind. I refrained from opening the oven door [A BIG RULE] and when it’s time was up,  I found a rather impressive looking Yorkshire pudding  staring right back at me. Chuckling to myself, I placed the pud on a plate, ready for a taste inspection and to my absolute horror – the ‘chuffing’ thing wasn’t cooked in the middle! Plus, once it was out of the tray it was baking in, it resembled a frisbee NOT a Yorkshire Pudding!

So I went on to make my second Yorkshire pudding.

I found another recipe on the internet about making gluten free Yorkshire’s with self raising flour! Yes even I was shocked at this blasphemy! Surely, you can’t make Yorkshire’s with self raising flour, even those who are absolutely clueless about puddings know that you can’t make them with self raising flour – but again, throwing caution to the wind, I set about making my giant gluten free Yorkshire pudding.

Again, I refrained from opening the oven door, which is hard when you’re wanting to ensure they’ve risen and your oven light has broken so there’s noway of knowing! But I gave this pud a little extra time in the oven to allow it to cook in the middle. When the time was up, I got the pudding out and again, was surprised at how ‘normal’ it looked. I smiled to myself thinking “you’ve nailed this now Saara!” but nto my horror, yet again, the whole pudding was shambles. It wasn’t even cooked in the middle!

Look at that horrible gloopy mess!

You can’t blame me, but after my two disasters I ended up throwing the towel in with this one, although I’d vowed to try again during the week!

The Gluten Free Challenge – Day 3

Day 3 of the Gluten Free Challenge consisted of me contacting some eating establishments regarding gluten free food.

Before my coeliac diagnosis, I was an avid pizza fan. This may have been partly due to the fact I was a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I was little; they too, were huge pizza lovers!

I contacted Pizza Express about whether or not they had any gluten free options. My reasons for doing so, was a) I used to adore Pizza Express b) Most of my friends enjoy going to Pizza Express and c) Getting the response I got from Bella Italia  made me think most companies were now providing gluten free alternatives for coeliac sufferers.

I filled out an email enquiry form and expected just a standard email from them, but I was pleasantly suprised when they actually rang me to discuss their gluten free alternatives – I thought that was a nice touch!

Sadly, Pizza Express do not provide gluten free alternatives on their menu, but you are encouraged to bring in your own gluten free pizza base .

The Gluten Free Challenge – Day 2 (part b)

This evening, whilst being incredibly bored, I thought I’d cook Mike and my housemates some gluten free treats [because I’m nice like that!]

After much ‘umming’ and ‘arring’ about what to chuffing bake, I settled with a good ol’ piece of chocolate heaven; Brownies.

I was quite surprised how relatively simple it was to make brownies but my God, you should have seen the state of the kitchen afterwards – there was chocolate literally everywhere!




The brownies went down a treat, with about 70% of them gone! Lottie was even surprised at how tasty they actually were and how much they tasted just like gluten free brownies!