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Egg-celent Eggs!

Before I continue I do apologise for my hideous egg pun but I would warn you, they’ll be poping up every now and again, and I’m not even yolking (ha!)

Eggs are AMAZING!

They’re cheap, they’re versatile and oh so yummy!

You can make anything, from scrambelled eggs to a glorious chocolate mousse!

Eggs are ‘egg-celent’  for providing you a cheap, yet healthy, alternative at breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time etc. Although this wasn’t always with the case, with many people believing that eggs were actually quite bad for you! I should know, because whenever I made my 4th egg of the week, my Dad would tell me how bad it was for me to be eating so many eggs! Luckily, the British Health Foundation have come to our rescue and said “an egg a day is good for you”  (2009). Although they may be good for us, I do still eat them in moderation!

Egg Recipes


  1. Soft Boiled Egg
  2. Scrambelled Egg
  3. Hard Boiled Egg
  4. Poached Egg
  5. Fried Egg
  6. Egg Omlette
  7. Egg Mayo Spread
  8. Eggy Bread/French Toast