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Mikes Two Day Birthday

Like a princess, my Mike has two birthdays. One on the actual day and one on the weekend.

On the Friday [his actual birth date] we ended up having a meal with our two friends, Fiona and Pete, at his favourite restaurant on the curry mile ; Al Nawaaz. I enjoy eating out at curry places as I find I have more choice of foods to try. We ended up sharing a gorgeous chicken balti and pilau rice. We then headed back to Fiona and Petes for an easy evening of board games and drinks. We all didn’t want a heavy night as we were saving ourselves for the barbecue birthday bonanza the next day!

We ended up playing the game, Cranium, but as always, it was girls vs boys so the night became quite competitive!

Me and Fiona before our victory [ we always beat the boys!]

[The Birthday boy having a whale of a time playing cranium and drinking with his friends ;D ]

The next day was Mike’s Barbecue Bonanza and we were so lucky with the weather as it was glorious! It was nice to just lay about in the sunshine with friends and eat amazing barbecue foods.

As a good girlfriend, my aim in life is usually to embarrass Mike whenever I get given the chance, as he’s easily embarrassed! So for his birthday, instead of making him a standard boring birthing cake, I made him some amazing gluten free chocolate cupcakes instead..

… with his beautiful mug on! If you fancy making your own gluten free chocolate cupcakes for yourself or a special occasion – click here – for the recipe and info on where to buy the photo cupcake toppers.

Vegetable Kebabs

This is such a simple, yet tasty barbecue delight which can be made with any of your favourite vegetables. What’s more, these beauties don’t have to be eaten just at barbecues, they can be made as a healthy lunch option or a side dish for your dinner. However, please make sure you soak your wooden skewers an hour before using them as they’ll burn! Also you don’t need a barbecue to cook them, they’re easily cooked under your cooker grill. The ingredients listed make 3 vegetable kebabs.


  • 9 Cherry Tomatoes
  • 3 Large Peppers [chopped]
  • 2 Spring Onions



  1. Thread the vegetables onto the skewers making sure there is an even amount of each vegetable on each skewer
  2. Place skewers on barbecue, turning frequently until vegetables are tender and golden brown.

Barbecue at Gez’s

On Thursday the 2nd of June, me and Mike were invited along to Gez’s house for one of his awesome barbecues. I wasn’t expecting to go to any barbecue that day, so I wasn’t at all prepared, but luckily me and Mike were in town and near a Tescos so I could pick up some Tesco free from bread rolls – win!

[Gez and his barbecue]

Not only we’re there a choice of burgers, but also a choice of other barbecue dishes such as vegetable kebabs, home made coleslaw and potato salad