[Blog] The #WeBlogMCR Blogger Meet Up

So I was super lucky to be invited along to the first ever #WeBlogMCR meet up at the uber cool The Whim Wham Cafe in Manchester. It was organised by the fabulous and lovely Holly aka Holly Goes Lightly who had the hard task of getting us bloggers together – and she did it, with great success!


I went with my favourite wheat free girl pal, the gorgeous SpamellaB who I had the pleasure of meeting again when we went for our impromptu double date at the Tea42 Launch Party.

photo 3


I don’t know if it was perfect timing or a brilliant coincidence but the meet up began on The Whim Wha Cafes happy hour which meant all their funky cocktails were buy 1 get one free! So naturally me and Pam (and the rest of the ladies) took advantage of this offer and got ourselves some cocktails. Everyone loved the Whambles – which I heard went down a treat, but I wanted something different and went for the cheeky Cherry Lips – which was delicious!

photo 1


I had such an amazing time at the WeBlogMCR meet up! It was so nice to meet all the lovely ladies and get to know what inspired them to start blogging! I was too busy having fun and chin wagging with the girls that I didn’t really take that many pictures – which is a shame!


When it got to ordering food at The Whim Wham Cafe, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this….

photo 5

That’s right my coeliac pals, there at the bottom of their menu was a little note to state that Gluten Free Bread is available on request! I couldn’t believe it and the more I looked at their menu I saw there was so many dishes that were clearly labelled gluten free that I had to tweet about it!



And what I didn’t realise was that Holly and The Whim Wham Cafe had a little competition going and my tweet won me a free meal for two – which now I know they do gluten free food I can’t wait to try it!

Again I can’t thank Holly enough for organising such an amazing event, for The Whim Wham Cafe for hosting the event and providing the cocktails, for Pam being my super hot date and for the lovely ladies for being such great fun! I had such an awesome night and can’t wait for the next WeBlogMCR meet up!

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And for the rest of the awesome girlies, see the list below:
















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