A Little Update

Well it’s been a little while since I last blogged on here (understatement of the century!) but I thought I’d try and get back into the swing of things with a little update of how I’m doing.

As you’re aware, I’ve not been very well (which I blogged about briefly here). This all started back in March which began as suspected appendicitis which conveniently happened whilst in the middle of a flight to New Zealand.However after an embarrassing moment where doctors were called on board and an expensive stop at Singapore Hospital, I was finally diagnosed with ovarian cysts.

singapore hospital

You’d have thought by now I’d have got it all sorted but sadly it’s got worse. I’ve been in constant pain everyday and to make matters worse, I have now been diagnosed with endometriosis, which is very, very painful. To help me manage the pain I’m having to take a crazy amount of painkillers, including the brain bashing Tramadol which has practically made me into a zombie! So you can imagine I just don’t have the energy to blog or bake – which has made me quite sad.

Although there is a silver lining in this sorry tale! I finally have an appointment to see a specialist which will hopefully mean I can have an operation and get this sorted. On another plus note, I have also got a back log of gluten free recipes, photos, reviews and restaurant updates, which I will upload as soon as I feel better 🙂


  1. Sorry to hear you’re in so much pain, buy yay to hear you’re going to get it sorted very soon! Fingers crossed 🙂 Can’t wait for the blog updates x

  2. Hello, sorry you have been so poorly hope this op will end most of your problem! Have missed you on twitter not a good year is it? Take care x

  3. After finding this amazing blog, to find out a fellow gluten nay sayer isn’t well I can only wish you a speedy recovery and the best wishes possible for a speedy recovery!

  4. Hope you feel better soon!! Ask about getting an IUD – I have endo too & its the best thing (obvs other than your recipes)!
    Take care & love your hot water bottle. 🙂

  5. I hope you will feel much better soon. Your blog is fantastic and thanks to you I have become a fan of baking – all glutenfree of course. Do take care.

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