Best News Ever – Gluten Free Wraps!

Since I’ve not been blogging/tweeting lately, it seems like I miss out on all the news in coeliac world!

And it was only this morning when going through my tweets that I saw something that actually made me scream with delight – GLUTEN FREE WRAPS!

warbatons wraps


Yes, that’s right. Warbutons have brought out their own range of gluten free wraps and I’m pretty excited to try them!

gluten free wrap

Us coeliacs have not been lucky when it comes to gluten free wraps. Firstly we had those horrid, dry as leather, wraps from LoveMore (you can read my review here).

I even had a try at making my own gluten free wraps (recipe here) and although they were quite tasty – I missed the convenience of having already made ones.

Then Caliegh from Gluten Free[k] came to the rescue and showed us where we could order authentic Mexican gluten free corn tortillas from Mex Grocer.


But now, instead of ordering out gluten free wraps online, we can pick them up at our usual supermarket chains when we do our weekly shop! – HURRAY


For a more indepth review of the new gluten free wraps by Warbutons (and also have a nosey at their other gluten free products) check out the fabulous website: Gluten Free[k]



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