Where Have I Been?

So… I think it’s safe to say I’ve kind of been a little absent in the gluten free world lately.


I’ve not blogged and I’ve not tweeted for a couple of weeks months now.


All is well though! I’m still here, I still silently pop on every now again and see how the little gluten free universe is doing and I could never, ever give up on the blogosphere as you guys have been such amazing support to me throughout my gluten free journey.


Things have changed for me. I ended up getting my dream job, working as a branch co’ordinator but I am also working with people who suffer from anxiety and mental health issue, which is something close to my heart. I absolutely love it but it’s a little demanding – I find myself absolutly cream crackered at the end of the day and often find myself comatosed on the sofa watching endless repeats of Big Bang Theory till I can muster the energy to crawl upstairs and into bed!


I’ve also been on a holiday of a lifetime to New Zealand (which I promise to blog all about soon) where I witnessed the lovely Jenni and Dave get married!



(I'm the one in the dark red skirt)

And some of you may know that during the flight to New Zealand I ended up being rushed to hospital in Singapore.


They suspected I had a grumbling appendix but it turned out to be ovarian cysts – which from what I’ve learnt is quite common but it’s extremely painful. I’m still in a lot of pain now but I’m waiting on more test results (to rule out any other underlying problem) but to help me with the pain I am often popping strong painkillers which knock me out and send me off with the fairies – which is another reason why I’ve not been able to blog.


But I shall be back! And I look forward to catching up in the gluten free blogsophere soon. I can already see exiting things happening, such as Pizza Express doing gluten free pizza bases and Heinz bringing out their gluten  free range (which I am yet to try!) and my god, I have been eating endless amounts of Dominos gluten free pizza!



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