Pizza Hut & Dominos Gluten Free Bases

I feel like 2012 has been all about the pizza!

Firstly, way back in January, we discovered Dominos did gluten free bases in Australia and New Zealand – but not here in the UK or the US.

Then in May Dominos US announced they were doing gluten free bases in the US – but it wasn’t suitable for those with coeliac disease or those with gluten/wheat intolerances [that still baffles me!]

Then, we discovered Dominos UK announced they were also going to do gluten free bases and my friend David Johnstone [DavidJ_GF] was kind enough to blog about his experience trying them for the first time at the Coeliac UK AGM Food Fair in July.

But with all this talk about Dominos, we kind of neglected to think about the other huge pizza chain; Pizza Hut and Coeliac UK has announced that from Monday the 8th October we can now order gluten free bases from Pizza Hut!

Although many of us began to wonder what Pizza Hut would do regarding cross contamination but according to the Coeliac UK article:

 “Pizza Hut keep all their dough separated throughout the entire product journey to ensure that it doesn’t come into contact with floured dough bases and they’ve made all their toppings gluten-free throughout their restaurants. They also use separate sauces for their gluten-free pizza bases, which are also stored separately, and separate utensils are used for making each product”

All their team members are receiving in depth training so they rigorously clean all the food preparation areas, and they have a thorough hand cleaning process before they make any gluten-free pizzas


Dominos UK gluten free bases will become available from NOVEMBER 5TH! And both Dominos and Pizza Hut pizza bases won’t incur any additional charges!


  1. I bagged a gf pizza from pizza Hut on the day they were launched! I was almost knocking on their door at mid-day!! As I now live on the Isle of Wight we only have one PH so I had to collect as not in a delivery area. Ordered online, easy peasy, no probs at all!! Have heard on Fb that a few people have turned up and there werent any gf pizzas left which would annoy me immensely but things will settle down I am sure once the inital rush is over!! Glorious it was!!

  2. The domino’s one is small only and won’t change any of deals to include the gf (boo&hiss). The pizza hut near us completely ignored my partner (non gf) order!

    Pizza Express has brought out one as of today (or yesterday)! Can’t wait to try one of those!

    My top favourite is the DS stonebaked pizza, which is very very yummy and can be bought in tesco/asda/sainsburys etc!

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