Marks & Spencers Gluten Free Bread : Review

I was pretty excited when Mike picked me up some gluten free bread from Marks and Spencers.

Marks and Sparks isn’t really the place I shop when it comes to buying gluten free food. The food is a little expensive if you’re trying to save the pennies but I assumed their gluten free range would mirror their normal food range, which from what I’ve heard, is pretty tasty!

[Thanks you Little Missed Gluten for finding a photo for me!]


The bread is sliced [which is always handy] and of reasonable size. Some may think that mentioning the slice size is a little odd, but there’s some gluten free bread slices out there that’d be suitable for an ant!

So I toasted a slice, buttered it and then took a bite and my reaction was:

It was probably the worst gluten free bread I’ve ever tasted and when I took to twitter to vent some rage, most of you agreed!

For starters, it has a weird consistency which is more cake like then bread like. Secondly, it was so saltly, which is rich coming from me as I’m dubbed ‘the salt queen’ by my friends as I always drown my chips in the stuff. It also left a horrible after taste in my mouth, which I didn’t like.

I also assumed I’d prepared the bread wrong. I know some gluten free bread tastes better once refreshed a little in the microwave. I did this but sadly, it still tasted horrible, cakey, salty and crumbly!

I know some of you may absolutely love this bread [they wouldn’t sell it if it wasn’t popular, or would they?] and this is obviously a one persons opinion. I’m also not tarnishing all marks and spencers gluten free products will taste as horrid as this and I will probably try the odd product when I’m feeling flush but  sadly for now, I give this bread two huge thumbs down.


    1. Hi, if you get the chance to buy taste Yes! You can Gluten free bread, then do. It is by far (in my opinion) the best one I have tried so far. Both White and Brown were very tasty. They are made by Roberts Bakery.

  1. That’s a shame. I think it’s reasonable but not as ok as some. In their favour though, their lemon cake and the chocolate cherry cake are both amazing! Proper proper cake with yummy icing. Do try!

  2. I completely agree, I think their bread is one of the worst gluten free breads on sale at the moment. Like Verity I’ve tried their cakes and been really pleased with them, maybe they need to stick to just doing yummy cakes.

  3. I have to agree. I really struggle with finding a bread that is, in my opinion, edible. I have been so disappointed I had given up on it altogether.

    I would like to add though that their GF crumpets are superb. A trip to M&S is not normally complete without grabbing a basket load as a rare treat.

  4. I’ve found Roberts Bakery Gluten Free White and Brown bread from their “Yes! You Can” range the best – tastes just like “normal” bread.

  5. I totally agree, there bread is crap! It’s so annoying when things like there almond tray bake and chocolate muffins are so good. Sort it out M and S!

  6. I haven’t tried this bread from M&S and probably wont now from reading your comment. However Warburtons do Gluten & Wheat Free (white & brown) bread and rolls. It is so nice, it’s soft and tastes fresh. I recommend it as I have it all the time. I get it from Asda but think you may be able to get it from Tesco.
    Hope this is useful to anyone.

    1. Yes you can buy the rolls at tesco. Warburtons tortilla wraps can be bought at tesco too and are a nice change to bread and rolls.

  7. Interesting! Which one did you try, the white or the darker seeded loaf? I’ve only had the dark seeded loaf and I do like it. I know what you mean about the texture, though. I only eat it toasted and usually have it with soup which i dunk it in & the texture is perfect for this.

  8. I have not tried M&S Gluten free Bread but my wife is on a Gluten free Diet. As she really like bread it was a blow but through trial and error so far we recommend Asdas Brown GF Bread as this is her favourite and easily surpasses Warburtons etc in both quality & Price

  9. I don’t like the M&S bread either although if nothing else is available I’ll eat it. I like the new Genius bloomer bread – just like fresh bread…also their seeded fresh loafs are nice… Interested in trying the Yes bread someone has mentioned and am seriuosly considering a breadmaker to try my own as no bread out there is great specially the prescription ones!

  10. Yes, my mother is gluten-free and has found that Genius Gluten-Free bread have improved their recipe – I’ve had it myself, and it’s almost there when it comes to tasting like normal bread! Own brand bread (Sainbury’s, Waitrose, Tescoes) are actually alright.

  11. Really if you want good bread you have to make your own and eat it fresh. There is no ‘good’ alternative that a non gluten free person would eat by choice which shows how bag they all are really. I’ve grown up all my life with gluten free breads and the one the sticks in my memory as the most horrific was TINNED. Yes tinned and we had to refresh it in the oven only. Those were the days….

  12. Hi All.

    I just read all your messages. I am waiting to hear if I have to cut out gluten. You have helped me in my quest for a reasonable gluten free loaf. I shall keep away from the Marks and Spencer one!

  13. Hi All.

    I just read all your messages. I am waiting to hear if I have to cut out gluten. You have helped me in my quest for a reasonable gluten free loaf. I shall keep away from the Marks and Spencer one!

  14. I had cheese and tomato on toast today with M&S Brown Seeded Loaf and it was really nice, and I adore bread and was so disappointed to be diagnosed with celiac disease recently. I’ve not tried it fresh yet, but it was just like normal bread toasted. The best pizza base I’ve found up to now is Sainsbury’s Free From range, with added mozzarella, pepperoni and olives. The base was so crispy and normal-tasting. I’m looking forward to trying the Tesco one, which Is in my freezer, and the DS one, which looks good and was developed in Italy, apparently. The worst pizza I’ve had was Pizza Hut gluten-free – it was awful, really dry and they’re so mean with the toppings, which didn’t help!

  15. Meant that I’d added my own toppings to the Sainsbury’s gluten free pizza, as it only comes Marguerita style. Will definitely be having that one again.

  16. I have to say I really like M and S seeded brown bread toasted. I was diagnosed with coeliac disease 28 years ago and have tried many many breads and M and S is one of my favourite.

    1. Quite a few people have said they liked the M&S brown seeded bread, I might have to give them one a try but I am nervous since I did not like their white bread. I’ve recently bought their gluten free bloomer bread and crossing both fingers and toes that it tastes nice!

  17. Please try the Brown Seeded Loaf from Marks and Spencers again! I have tried so many types and until recently the bread which was far superior was Tesco seeded loaf (not the vacuum packed). What has happened to it in the last two months I don’t know…the size of the slice has shrunk by a third and they must have completely changed the recipe. Instead of being light and soft it is now dense, heavy and tasteless – no good even as toast.
    I bought the M & S brown seeded and although the loaf is very small and more expensive the bread is absolutley superb. It is soft, moist, light, tasty and has a lovely nutty flavour. Too delicious to toast!! If they could increase the slice size and decrease the price a little for us celiacs it would be amazing.
    Thank you Marks and Spencer!

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