HaveCake Gluten Free & Vegan Brownies [Review]

I was really excited to review HaveCakes gluten free and vegan brownies!

One thing you should know about me is that I love, love, LOVE my brownies but it’s sometimes hard to find those gluten free brownies that have that ‘home baked’ taste. I’m lucky that my local supermarket, Asda, produce their own gluten free brownies, but I find they lack that ‘home made’ taste and are actually quite dry!

So, when the huge box of brownies arrived at my door, I was quite surprised at how big the box was! I did pause for a moment to think whether I’d inadvertently ordered myself new shoes! I just loved the way the brownies were packaged. With coloured tissue paper and a cute bow, this made them ideal as a gift for your coeliac and free from chums!


I was also impressed at the size of the brownies!


As you can see you get your moneys worth and because you get 9 whole brownies in a box it also explains why the box was so huge – great value for money!

So What Did They Taste Like? 


They had that ‘home made’ taste that I adore from gluten free bakes! They were chocolatey, light, moist without that horrible crumbly texture that tends to plague gluten free baked foods! What’s more, because I shared them with my family, they couldn’t believe that they were gluten, dairy and egg free! Even my ever so fickle brother loved them and trust me when I say this – he’s very fussy with his food. In fact he’s the one who ate most of the brownies and wants to order more!

Plus don’t take my word for it, if you check the HaveCake Brownies website, you’ll find amazing and glowing reviews from coeliac and  free from peeps who have been lucky enough to try these amazing brownies!

So Who Are HaveCake? 


HaveCake is run by the lovely Louise  who has been a passionate baker from a very young age. She started baking traditional recipes for friends and family who encouraged her to set up her own business selling her own cakes and brownies. So when a friend with coeliac disease asked Louise if she could make gluten free brownies as everything she had tried was bland,  too sweet, or too dry, Louise set about experimenting with all recipes until she came up with one her friend could enjoy – and I think she definitely succeeded, they’re amazing!

How Do I Get These Amazing Brownies? 


You can order a box of 9 gluten free or gluten free & vegan brownies directly from the HaveCake website. They also come with free delivery and if you order before the 30th September 2012 you’ll also receive 5% discount using the code: “GFSTUDENTCOOK




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