No April & May Monthly Favourite Posts

As you guys know, April and May haven’t been the greatest months for me personally.

In April my mum was poorly and I took a break from blogging and tweeting to look after the family while she was in hospital, which meant I wasn’t able to do my April monthly favourites [I explained it more here]. The good news was she was allowed home at the beginning of May, just in time for her birthday, and I managed to bake her one of her favourite cakes; carrot cake [a gluten free one of course].

Sadly the day of her birthday, my wonderful Grandad Dennis passed away.

[Grandad, my little cousins, me and my brother]

It was really unexpected. He’d come to see my mum the day before, to pass her her birthday card, see me and Kiki [he loved that little ferret] and also watch an old family video we have of him when he was really young. He was on top form, laughing along to the video, trying to stop Kiki running up his trouser leg and being his usual witty self. Little did I know that’d be the last time I see him again.

I loved my Grandad more than anything. I would always send him little ‘I love you’ cards to remind him that although I’m all the way in Manchester, I still think of him everyday, I’d send him little letters to tell him what I’d been up to and also send him funny pictures of Kiki. When my mum and my auntie went to his flat after he passed away, they found all the photos, letters and cards I’d sent him, he’d kept every single one.

So…. as you can see, April and May have been pretty crap months, the crappiest so far. I suppose the only redeeming factor about May was that we’ve had some pretty all right weather [although I’m typing this on the one day it’s chucking it down!]. It’s because of the fact it’s been pretty… crap, that I’m not going to do my usual ‘gluten free monthly favourites’ for April and May, although it’ll start again in June!


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