Sorry for the lack of posts

I’ve realised it’s been quite some time since I last did a blog post, which is unlike me as I try and post at least once a day or every other day if I can. The reason I’m doing this blog post is to a) let you all know I’m still alive and b) just to explain why I’ve not been blogging and that I may not be blogging for a while.

I’m trying to type this in a way that’s not too personal. Although I blog about pretty much anything and everything, from what I’ve eaten, to what I’m cooking, to what I’ve been doing on the weekend  but there’s obviously some things I’d like to keep private.

This week has been the hardest week of my life. My wonderful mum is in hospital and she’s very ill which has understandably turned my world upside down. She’s going to be in there a while, which has meant I’ve had to come home temporarily and help out around the home, keep everything in order, look after my brother and also keep my dad sane.

It’s been hard finding the energy and strength to cook and find easy and cheap gluten free goodies for you all, let alone myself and I honestly feel ‘flat as a pancake’ [a gluten free one of course!].  I’m incredibly close to my mum [as I’ve mentioned in the mother’s day blog post] and not having her around, in the home she’s always at, is hard.

Although it’s been a very trying time for me, there has been some good points. It’s brought my little family unit closer together and I’m enjoying spending more time with my Dad ,brother and sister which is helping us deal with things.

I have also realised that I NEVER, EVER, EVER want cats of my own! When I was little I always said that when I grew up and had my own place, I was going to have 10 cats. Well that idea has gone straight out of the window as my three cats have drove me chuffing MAD! They have me up at 6am every morning [and trust me, I’ve not seen 6am in like…. gosh, a long time!] as they want to be fed. So I walk downstairs like a zombie and feed them. Except they don’t like what I’ve given them! Firstly, Toby doesn’t like Whiskers brand of a cat food, he only likes Felix. Where as Honey only likes Whiskers in Jelly with a small suggestion of dry cat food on top. God help me if I pour one too many pellets of dry cat on top, or a little a less, as he refuses to eat it and walks off sulking. Then there’s my darling Smokey-Joe, my dear OAP cat, that eats his breakfast so fast that he ends up chucking it all back up. Then he wants feeding again. So while I clean up and walk back to my bed, he follows me and meows this high pitched, annoying, mournful meow that would make the pope crack and plan mass murder!

But jokes and annoying cat tales aside, I’m finding it a little difficult at the moment. I will be back fo’sho as my blogging can be my saviour at times, but I just wanted to give you all a little explanation as to why I’ve been away and why I might be away for a little while. Luckily, I have made and taken pictures of some really exciting gluten free recipes I’ve made before this happened, so even if I can’t find the strength to cook and bake, I’ll at least blog those recipes when I can.

Much love, Saara x


  1. Hey Saara,

    Wondered where you had been, seemed a bit quiet around Twitter lately!

    I’m sorry to read your mum isn’t very well, I hope she’s better and out of hospital as soon as possible. :o(

    RE: the cats, I know your pain! I shut the bedroom door… you can barely hear the meowing at 6am then! :o)

    L x

    1. hey Laura,
      Thank you 🙁 I hope so too and I hope I start cooking/baking again as that usually keeps me sane, but just can’t find the energy 🙁
      Oh, so glad you understand about the cats! I did try and shut the bedroom door [which does help with the meowing] but Honey begins to start scratching at the door, which starts off the others… are you sure you don’t want 3 more, wonderful cats 😉 x

      1. I’d imagine, cooking/baking is a good way to take the mind off of things, I’m sure you will get back into the swing of things soon.

        Haha, no I’m good thanks, two are enough! They also do the ‘snuffle down lots of food, throw it up, and then want more’ followed by meow meow meow… drives me crazy!!!

        (Sorry about my poor usage of smilies above, I tried to do a sad face, then a happy face but clearly got it wrong as it’s two happy faces and random brackets! Doh!)

        L x

  2. Sorry to hear about your mum, Saara. Sending get better soon vibes her way!

    One cat does us, thank you. 6am this morning, then kept awake by the hammering rain occasionally sounding a lot like someone tapping on the window. I think we had him in a decent routine before going away, need to get the little monster back into it!

  3. Huge get well wishes to your mum Saara, hope she’s back home asap. Keep strong, I know how hard it is to have a poorly mum.

    Hugs xx

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