‘Wheat Pete’s Gluten Free Yorkshire Puddings

Some of you may have already heard about my house mate, Pete, and because he’s the spokesman for ‘The Wheat Lover’s Association’, I aptly gave him the title ‘Wheat Pete’, and it’s kind of stayed!

It all started when I’d just moved in with Pete and Mike about 6 months ago. I’d left my gluten free bread roll on the side, wrapped up in its packaging, ready for tomorrow. So when I woke up the next day and ventured into the kitchen… my bread roll had gone! I asked ‘Wheat Pete’ if he had seen it and his response “Oh, that stale bread? Yeah, I chucked it out”. Yes, that morning I was close to throttling him!

But the other day, when he offered to make me some gluten free Yorkshire puddings, you could have knocked me down with a feather! I did scoff at the thought of him making them and did hope that they’d go wrong but I had to sadly swallow my pride – because those god damn gluten free Yorkshire puddings he made me were the nicest puddings I’ve ever had!


  • 120g Gluten Free Self Raising Flour [I used Doves]
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1/4 pint of Milk



  1. Pre-heat the oven to it’s highest setting
  2. Using a cupcake tray/Yorkshire pudding tray, add a tablespoon of Oil and pop in the oven.
  3. Meanwhile, in a bowl, add the Gluten Free Self Raising Flour 
  4. Now add the Egg and mix together with a fork 
  5. Now add the Milk and mix together until you form a runny batter 
  6. Once the Oil starts to smoke in the tray, carefully pour the mixture in until it fills each hole 
  7. Close the oven door, turn the heat down to 200°C and cook for 10 minutes. Do not open the door while they’re baking!
  8. Once they have risen and turned a lovely golden colour, carefully take out of the oven and serve with whatever you want [I had mine with chips and gravy!] 


  1. Wow what can I say, I have a wheat allergy and I have tried a couple of recipes and bought a box packet wheat free Yorkshire, they are flat and chewy. So I decided to google and try a new recipe and I came up with yours. I’ve made them and just had them with my Sunday dinner. Hallelujah !!! They rose and they tasted great, I will be making them again. I have saved your recipesin my book marks. Thank you
    Hazel xxx

  2. I just made these, theyre fab!!!
    I even used coconut milk (dairy allergies too)
    They were perfect, thanks so much, my roast is now complete.

  3. i have tried this recipe for yorkshire puddings,didnt think they would rise or taste very nice but WOW, they are fantastic,they rose and tasted lovely.i did wonder if they can be frozen because to make a batch there is a lot of them,too meny just for me for one meal.

    1. I ended up eating the whole batch of yorkshire puddings when I baked them!! but I’m sure they can be frozen – although I haven’t tried myself so you’ll have to let me know how it goes when you do :). Really glad you liked them though!

  4. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Coeliac but I always used this method (as it saves weighing everything) to make Yorkshire Puddings and I find it still works.

    1. Pre-heat the oven to it’s highest setting
    2. Using a cupcake tray (1/2 tsp of oil in each)/Yorkshire pudding tray (1tbs) of Oil and pop in the oven.

    Pour 1 mug of GF SR Flour (I use Doves Farm) a pinch of salt and a tsp of into a bowl then break in 3 eggs. Measure out the same mug with milk and pour half of it in the bowl and mix with a fork or whisk. Once thats all mixed together add the rest of the milk and perhaps another 1/4 of a cup. Cover and place in the fridge but not absolutely necessary.

    When the oil is really hot pour in. If you are using muffin trays half fill each one. Shut the door and don’t open it again until you can see through the glass they have risen (if you can see through it). Usually around 10 mins.

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