The Manchester Gluten Free World Show

I would have blogged about this sooner but as you’re all aware, this week I’ve been pretty poorly. First it started off as the usual symptoms of when you’ve been ‘glutened’, followed by a weird case of ‘funky fog‘ and then that changed to vomit city! *groan*. It’s been so rubbish that I’ve barely tweeted or even gone outside and enjoyed the  glorious sunshine we’ve been having in England! Knowing my luck, the day I feel a little better, the sun will have exhausted itself and I’ll be welcomed back with grey clouds, rain and gale force winds. However, I’m feeling a little perky today [although still not 100%] so I thought it’d be a great opportunity to do a lil blog post!

So I was kindly invited by the amazing people from Dietary Specials to come along to their Manchester Gluten Free World Show on Saturday! I took along one of my ‘bezzie’ mates Amy who happens to be wheat/gluten intolerant too, which is lucky for me as it’s nice having someone in your close knit circle of friends who knows exactly what you’re going through.

We arrived fashionably late at the Renaissance Hotel in Manchester for the morning session. We we’re allowed to go into this big hall to see all the stands of gluten free samples before others and try out all the lovely gluten free food before the stampede. Naturally me and Amy stuffed our faces with all the gluten free foods on offer, especially the Glutafin Fresh Brown Bread [god almighty, that was some nice bread! I must have had about 20 pieces!]

[Glutafin Baguette and Glutafin Brown Bread]

The Dietary Specials stand, which was manned by the lovely Becky from D.S,  had their frozen food on as samples and I was happy they had their famous Bonta D’Italia on the sample stand and understandably, I had quite a few slices! Another great product was their gluten free Sausage Rolls which Amy had never seen before! She said they tasted just like how she remembered when she’d get them from Greggs!

[Dietary Specials Sausage Rolls, Pizza and Ciabatta Bread]

However the most busiest stand that day had to be the TruFree stand, because that’s where they had their gluten free biscuit samples! They also had an offer on where you could buy two boxes of biscuits for £2! So I stocked up on their amazing chocolate fingers and their gluten free digestive biscuits [which you can buy from their online store]

After all the sampling, it was time for a presentation by Jackie, the lovely dietician who’d come along to support the Gluten Free Day.  The presentation was great for those who have just been newly diagnosed as  she talked about reading labels on products and how to maintain a healthy diet. However, I felt that Jackie talked more about eating healthy, finding the right portions and carbohydrates, protein and sodium etc. For instance, when she discussed about reading labels, there was more talk about looking at the sodium content and only briefly talked about looking for wheat and gluten in the ingredients list. However, when Jackie wasn’t presenting, she was on hand to talk to anybody who had any queries and questions which I thought was lovely.

Sadly, I wasn’t well enough to carry on and wait for the cooking demonstration by Coeliac UK‘s ‘Gluten Free Chef of the Year’ who would be showing others the fantastic things to make using Glutafin’s Multi-purpose Flour [which we got in our goody bag when we left – along with other Glutafin products!]. I’m gutted I missed it but I will definitely be going along to their next one, it was great to be amongst other sufferers and meet new people…. [and of course stuff my face with the gluten free delights!]

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  1. It was lovely meeting you and Amy Saara! Glad that you enjoyed yourself and thanks for the fabulous review. Hope you’re feeling better soon 🙂

    For readers of Saara’s blog our next gluten free event will be held on the 21st April at The Rheged Centre, Redhills Penrith, Cumbria CA11 0DQ. The day will be split into 2 sessions. A morning session between 10:00am and 12:30pm and an afternoon session between 2:00pm and 4:30pm.

    Please email if you’d like to attend!

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