Foodamentalist Bread Mix Review

I was really chuffed when Steve [who hails from the mighty West Yorkshire like myself] at Foodamentalists asked if I would review his new Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free Easy Bake Bread Mix, the only problem was, I’d never baked bread before and I was pretty nervous!

I was so sure that if I was ever to bake a bread from scratch it’d be really difficult, would require a zillion ingredients and then come out resembling a burnt giant raison but that was far from the truth because look how it turned out!

It turned out looking like … bread! What surprised me about the mix was that you only needed the ‘easy bake bread mix’, water and oil to make it, in other words, ingredients that you always have in so you don’t have to worry about getting and finding other ingredients!

Although, the easy to follow instructions at the back are aimed at those who are lucky enough to have a mixer [which sadly, I don’t have] I did find that it was pretty easy to make without a one – although it does involve a lot of stirring!

What you get at the end of all that stirring and waiting for it to bake, is the lightest and tastiest home made gluten free bread, which I might add, goes really well toasted with some scrabbled eggs on top [ mmmm!]

Would I be buying the easy gluten free bread mix again? Of course, and I think in bucketfuls! Due to it being so easy to make and also being versatile, you can make all sorts of bread from it. Throw seeds in the mix to make it seeded, pipe them onto a baking sheet and add a little sugar and vanilla to make ‘cream buns’,  make bread rolls, garlic bread and also bread sticks [to name but a few]. On top of that, because it’s only 1.1g of fat per 100g and has 69.7g Carbs per 100g, it makes the ideal bread mix for us health concious coeliacs! Which is why I give this bread mix two huge thumbs up!

[The  Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free Easy Bake Bread Mix will be available on the Foodamentalists website, retailing at £2.55 per pack]

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