Love more Gluten Free Tortilla Wrap Review

Sometimes, whilst shopping in Asda, I can come across  a gluten free product that will make me literally yell in glee. This was the case when I was eyeing up the free from asile when I came across these gluten free tortilla wraps!

I was pleasantly surprised at how much these looked like normal wheat ‘old el peso’ tortillas. I suddenly imagined all the things I could have again, like wrap sandwiches, fajitas etc. Before I could finish my imaginary list in my head – I put them in basket and ran to the check out!

That night, me, Mike, ‘wheat Pete’ and his girlfriend, Cassie, decided to make some enchiladas for dinner. I obviously had to pop my own gluten free enchiladas in their own roasting dish as to not contaminate my wraps with their wheat ones. I was so excited for these enchiladas. They were going to be my first ‘Mexican’ inspired dish since being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. I was literally staring at them excitedly from the other side of the oven and patiently waiting for them to be done.

So while I waited, I thought I’d try one of the gluten free wraps I hadn’t used and see whether they were like the real thing [Don’t ask why I didn’t do this before, I was just far too excited to have some enchiladas that I threw myself into making them as quickly as I could!]. To my horror the wrap was dry, bland and as tough as old boots! I looked at Mike in shock who quickly reassured me that they’ll taste much better once cooked in the oven. However, when the enchiladas did come out of the oven , I took one bite and to my horror again, the wraps tasted just like they did before; bland and as tough as leather! I took another bite and yep – same issues. Mike and others also took a bite and agreed, it didn’t taste nice.

So I took the internet and tried to look up other reviews and more information about the wraps. Maybe I wasn’t cooking them properly. There’s no instructions on the pack so you don’t know whether you should ‘refresh’ them with a little water and heat them, but I did try this again with a leftover wrap and there was no difference. Sadly, it seemed like I wasn’t the only one as I came across a review by Gluten-Free in Edinburgh who fond they were terrible at wrapping anything as they broke easily!

I feel sad writing such a bad review about what could have been an awesome gluten free product. However, I’m holding on to hope that maybe I wasn’t cooking it right, maybe there’s a way of making them soft and pliable but for now I give these two thumbs down.


Looks like I’m not the only one who’s had a bad experience with these tortilla wraps, which is a huge shame! But, Caleigh from the amazing Gluten Free[k] site has shown me these gluten free tortilla wraps from Mex Grocer!



  1. That’s such a shame. I’m still on the lookout for some gluten-free wraps and found myself very excited about your post. I attempted to make my own once, but didn’t manage to make them thin enough (without breaking them), so ended up with little cakes and the wrap filling on the side. Still yummy, but not quite the same.

    @Bunmi – where do you get those?

  2. I got so excited when I saw the mention of potentially good gluten free wraps! But really keen to try these mex grocer ones now instead. I’ll look forward to your review.

    1. Its so gutting when you realise that you can get these so easily from the supermarket but they end up tasting horrible 🙁 I’m still waiting on my order from Mex Grocer but from what people are telling me already, it’s gonna be worth the wait 😀 x

  3. i tried them, too! I was so excited i bought them in bulk before trying them! Big mistake! They were disgusting and i had to throw the lot away! I used to like discovery wraps but they havent been in the shops for a long time. Helen xxz

    1. Oh gosh, I’m glad I’m not the only one who found them disgusting but gutted everybody else has had the same experience – I’m yet to read a good review from them! Have you seen the ones from Mex Grocer? I’m just waiting on my order and will review them because apparently they taste like the real thing 🙂 xxx

      1. Well, I have just gotten around to placing my order with MexGrocer! Am anticipating delivery on Tues so might have to have a Mexican dinner! Will have to make some chilli or mexican mince!! Ooh, had better go and amend my supermarket online order to include some mexican dips!

  4. I too was very excited at finding these wraps. But found them inedible. So cut them up for the birds, had to use sharp kitchen scissors! (hope they don’t kill the birds.)

  5. What a shame. Those mex grocer ones are corn, you need to heat them in order to fold and they are disgusting cold. I only need them for sandwiches so I need them to bend. 🙁 🙁 so desperate to find some

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