Walkers Crisps No Longer Suitable for People with Coeliac Disease

I doubt I’m not the only coeliac who’s slightly saddened and a little confused by the news that Walkers are no longer suitable for coeliacs, as they’re now state they’re made in a factory that contains wheat, gluten etc!

For as long as I can remember, Walkers have become my ‘go to’ crisps. They dominated every corner shop when I was growing up [alongside space raider 10p crisps – yum!] , were in every vending machine going, was always in my lunch box and even won me prizes when they used to package small blue parcels inside their crisps packets! [remember those!]

Even when I went to Uni, they became my saviour! When I was up all night studying *cough*, I would run to the vending machine down the hall and stock up on about 3 bags of crisps and munch on them into the early hours. But more importantly, they became my hangover cure [alongside a cold orange capri-sun] and would bring me back to my senses!

And even when I was diagnosed with coeliac disease, they became my ‘go to’ crisps as they would claim on their packets that they were ‘suitable for coeliacs’. Which saved us poor souls from having to read and re-read ingredients to make sure they contained no nasties!

So you can understand our surprise when it started emerging that because of the recent law changes regarding gluten in food [check Alex’s blog for more information] that Walker’s will no longer state they’re suitable for coeliacs but will state they’re made in a factory where gluten is present. Which has made myself and, I bet few others, a little confused and wonder why they suddenly say this when they never stated it before?

Some are wondering whether they should risk eating Walkers crisps, even when wheat or gluten isn’t in the list of ingredients and for those who are worried for getting ‘glutened’, they are some amazing and tasty ‘gluten free’ crisps still available, such as my personal favourite: PomBear and Prawn Cocktail flavoured Seabrook crisps! If you know of any more, please feel free to leave a little comment on this post and I’ll get it added to the list!

However, for more information regarding Walkers crisps and to get involved in the debate then please visit Alex‘s blog post which will explain in greater detail what’s happening, why it’s happening and whether Walkers is doing anything to help sort out this confusion.

Also, there is a great online petition going regarding Walkers crisps. If you’d like to get involved please don’t hesitate in signing the petition, or leaving a comment on the Facebook group ‘Bring Back Gluten Free Walkers Crisps’

Gluten Free Crisps: 


So here’s a wee little list of crisps that are suitable for us fabulous coeliacs which have been recommended by other coeliacs and gluten/wheat sufferers. As always, I can’t stress enough of the importance of checking the ingredients for yourself before buying. If you know of any more gluten free and coeliac friendly crisps, please leave a little comment down below and I’ll get it added to the list!


My favourite crisps, especially the prawn cocktail flavour! Most of the range of Seabrook crisps are suitable for us awesome coeliacs and also for those on a gluten free/wheat diet. Remember that the crisps pictures above aren’t the full list of flavours that are coeliac friendly, there’s a hell of a lot more!


Hale & Hearty:

Certified gluten free on the crisps packets, plus they’re made from a well loved gluten free company that do an assortmant of gluten free delights, from stuffing, pancake mixes to name a few!



The ‘posh’ crisps that also shares it’s name with a popular kitchen appliance, usually makes an appearance when trying to impress [well, in my case anyway]. Although not 100% sure that all their flavours are gluten free, so please triple check the packaging to see if that flavour is suitable for you. However, the ones pictured are mentioned in the coeliac food and drink directory [plus a few more!].




Love it or loathe it, the infamous Marmite are now making crisps [who knew?!], which are suitable for coeliacs and are mentioned in the coeliac food and drink directory. I’m not aware that Marmite do other flavours, but if they do and you find any, please make sure they contain no nasties in their ingredient list!



Would be here forever listing all the crisps Sainburys make that are suitable for coeliacs and for those on a gluten free diet! However, not all are gluten/wheat free, so please double check the ingredients or check your coeliac food and drink directory for which flavours are safe. What I love about these crisps is how cheap they are, plus they’re available in multi packs! What’s more, they have ‘cheese ball’ crisps which taste like wotsits!


Darling Spuds:

What a cute name for a crisp company [which also reminds me of the programme ‘Darling Buds of May’!] These delightful crisps are certified gluten free, therefore suitable for coeliacs! There are more flavours available so keep your eyes ‘peeled’ for them!



Not all crisps made in Aldi are suitable for coeliacs but according to Coeliac UK, there is a small handful that are such as: Aldi : Passions Vegetable Crisps, Aldi : BeLight Reduced Fat Ready Salted Potato Crisps and Aldi : Snackrite Crisps – Ready Salted. Again, please triple and quadruple check that the Aldi crisps you pick are safe and if you’re ever unsure, please check the coeliac food and drink directory!



Another great company, like Sainsburys, that do a large array of crisps that are suitable for coeliacs. Just like Sainsburys, I’d be here all day listing all the flavours that are gluten free, so for bigger list, please check your coeliac food and drink directory. However, here are a few of their flavours that are suitable for us coeliacs!


The ‘gud with fud’ company also do a large selection of crisps, however there is only a small handful that are ‘gud’ for us coeliacs such as their own Ready Salted, Salt and Vinegar and Cheese and Onion flavoured potato crisps!




Like the other major supermarkets, Waitrose also do crisps that are suitable for coeliacs! Although not all crisps they do are gluten free and coeliac friendly. However, luckily for us, there is a fair few that are and some are pictured below!




Another one of my personal favourites, the cute and delicious Pombears! They’re so light and delcicous and are a favourite amongst those who don’t suffer from coeliac disease! Plus, the crisps are shaped as little bears squeels


Levi Roots: 


The lovely Levi has now branched into crisps and according to Debra, these crisps are gluten free but do be warned people, these crisps apparently have a bit of a kick! – you’ve been warned!


Marks and Spencer:


Like the other supermarkets, Marks and Sparks also do crisps that are suitable for coeliacs! And again like the other supermarkets, not all of their own brand crisps are gluten free so do triple check the list of ingredients before buying! However, I have provided a small list of suitable M&S crisps below but for a bigger list, please check your coeliac food and drink directory!


As soon as I posted this blog post on all the crisps us fabulous coeliacs could eat, I was inundated with cries of disbelief that I had forgotten about Burts potato chips! I really deserve a good slap on the wrist forgetting these as they are all gluten free and suitable for coeliacs! Plus by the looks of it, they’re quite popular! So do keep your eyes peeled and remember, all their flavours are suitable for us!

Nando’s Crisps:

Who knew Nandos do crisps and what’s more some of their flavours are gluten free! Nando’s is one of my favourite gluten free friendly restaurants and I’m so happy that I can now have my Nando’s peri peri fix in the form of crisps!


  1. Thanks for the link – I’ve signed the petition. Pom Bear are my favourite gluten free crisps too, but I am disappointed I can’t have my fix of Wotsits, smoky bacon Walkers, or Cool Original Doritos. I’ve had the lightly salted Doritos (the big cream bag) a few times recently though and they have been fine.

    My favourite crisps are Red Sky Cheese and Bacon – so yummy! They’re in big bags though so only for a treat when we have guests round.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jo 😀 I’ve had quite a few people mentioned Red Sky cheese and bacon so I’ll definitely get it added to the list 🙂 x

    1. You’re welcome Alex!
      Thanks for letting me know about Levi Roots, reggae reggae crisps! I’ll get this added to the list asap 🙂

  2. Hi Saara,

    Thanks for the links to the ipetition and the Facebook campaign that I set up regarding Walkers crisps. They are both still open and the Facebook group is useful for other hints and tips as well.

    Can I mention that as a result of the Facebook campaign, I also set up a group – Gluten Free and Me – https://www.facebook.com/groups/215283895205973/ – a discussion group for people who follow a gluten-free lifestlye. It is a rowdy and bantering group and welcomes all-comers.

    Also I have set up a group for kids on a gluten-free diet if any of your students have younger siblings who would like to chat with other kids like them. It is not a forum for adults but for kids to have somewhere to chat, make friends, let off steam, and be with other kids who actually understand what they’re going through.



    1. Hey Debra,
      You’re more than welcome 🙂 and great that there’s a place for kids with coeliac disease to let off some steam and get some gluten free trips 🙂

  3. HI Saara

    Great to have a list of Gluten Free crisps to look out foe on our travels… but you missed off our favourites!! Burt’s crisps are all Gluten Free 🙂 (they’re on twitter as @BurtsChips) We spoke to them at one of the shows we attended and were told all crisps they produce (which I think includes Nando’s & Levi Roots) are Gluten Free.

    We love them.


    1. hey L&J
      Sorry for the late reply but thank you for letting me know about Burt’s crisps are all gluten free! I’ll get these added to list asap 🙂

  4. Hi there Saara,
    Just wanted to add to this that our Lightly Salted and Salt and Malt Vinegar crisps are gluten free. Our crisps are handcooked in olive oil and available in farm shops and delis across the UK (do let me know if you’d like details of your nearest stockists). Thanks, Viv (Brown Bag Crisps)

    1. Hey Viv!
      Thanks for letting me know about Brown Bag Crisps! I’ll get it added to the list asap. Could you let me know of the nearest stockist as I wouldn’t mind getting myself a bag or two 🙂 x

    2. Hi, Viv.
      I’ve checked the ingredients of your Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar Brown Bag Crisps, and unfortunately, they are not gluten free. The real malt vinegar in the product is, in the UK, always made from malted barley, which is a gluten grain. This means that nothing containing it can truly be said to be gluten free.

  5. Great blog Saara…as a life long crisp monster I have been missing out since being gluten free…stocked up y’day on Burts (pesto yum!!), and Pom-Bears (cheese & onion, prawn cocktail) the only problem is Steve loves the Pom-Bears too so we need to buy more!! Best I tell him Burts aren’t any good…. heehee!
    My fav’s are Nando’s… esp the peri-peri chicken

  6. Hi Saara,

    It might be worth updating your list as some of these crisps have now changed their packaging thanks to the new law and are no longer regarded as gf – I think that Seabrooks may have removed their GF label now.

  7. Snackrite salt & shake crisps frpm Aldi are gluton free. There are some packets that don’t state this but I have been assured that all the new packaging will have the symbol on them. I have also been told that as they have a new policy of labeling all their gluten free produce more clearly.

  8. It should also be noted, though maybe not here, that Walkers Roast Chicken and Smoky Bacon are no longer suitable for Vegetarians as they now contain actual meat!

  9. When I am out and about and feeling hungry, walkers crisps would be my turn to food. I recently went to a local shop and I was unable to buy and crisps suitable for coeliacs. Hope they change it back and soon.

  10. The realisation that I couldn’t have gluten in my diet was a harsh one… But as time goes by I’m feeling better in every way and keep finding myself surprised at what I CAN eat, and articles like this help no end, thank you!

  11. Have you found the Hale and Hearty crisps recently? I e mailed them last year and they said they no longer produce them. Pity as they were delicious and even above walkers as a favourite.
    Do you know if they are back? I used to search supermarkets for them; never near the ‘free from’ & quite often hidden on a bottom shelf…
    lovely flavours and definitely addictive! not a pack to share!

  12. Cofresh do 3 or 4 flavours that are also gluten free. I didn’t realise there were all these ones so I’ve been eating those. You get good sized packets too. I’m posting this from my phone so I can’t get a link. They do chilli and lemon, salt and vinegar, jalapeño and cheese and onion. Probably others but I can’t think of them right now.

  13. Almost all of the tyrrells crisps are gluten free, only the salt and vinegar furrows aren’t. They’re quite easy to get hold of as Sainsbury’s and waitrose stock them. I’ve got cupboards full.

  14. Is it me being naive or have I missed something? In this post it says that the regulations have changed, not the crisps, so surely you could still eat them if you already had been eating them before…? Obviously one would need to be careful. My granddad and my best friend are coeliac and I’ve been searching for crisps to give them. (Christmas family party) I’ll go for Tyrell’s I think this time and Pombears(mmm pombears!) Thanks for the post!!!

  15. I only wish I could find crisps for myself that are wheat free and yeast free.. the only flavour I can eat are ready salted..

    1. That’s a shame that there’s only one flavour you can eat, although I prefer Ready Salted over the others, but sometimes I can get quite a craving for cheese and onion. Fingers and toes are crossed that they bring out more wheat free and yeast free crisps

  16. Just had to return Kettle Cheese, Red Wine and Cranberry crisps as Although they state on the pack that they have no gluten ingredients, they actually do as can be seen from there website, waiting for a reply, also like Walkers they make all their crisps on the same conveyers so in my opinion should read made in a factory where gluten is used to give us the choice re cross contamination.

  17. I’ve been in Nando’s, and while they do have menu items suitable for people with any type of gluten sensitivity, I wouldn’t exactly call them ‘gluten free friendly’. This is because of the fact that they do not provide alternatives to the breaded items on their menu, thus restricting people with gluten based dietary disabilities to only a few items, therefore reducing our choice of foods. So for me Nando’s is more ‘gluten free suitable’ than ‘gluten free friendly’. Just thought I’d put that out there.

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