I’m going crackers for crackers: Sakata Rice Crackers review

First and foremost, Happy Austraila Day everyone!

Today our Aussie friends will be celebrating Aussie Day and I thought it’d be the right time to thank the Aussies for giving me: Home & Away, Neighbours, Steve Irwin, Michael Hutchence and Inxs to name a few..

So I thought it’d be fitting to blog my review for one of their favourite snacks; Sakata Rice Crackers, which has now become one of my own!

Sakata Crackers are Japanese rice crackers that are available in 4 delicious flavours: Plain, Sour Cream & Chive, Cheddar and Classic Barbecue. With these scrumptious flavours its hard to believe that each cracker is nine calories or less! Perfect for those who are still sticking to their Healthy New Years Resolution!

So when the fabulous people at Sakata sent me some samples to try, they couldn’t have sent it at a better time! I was on my own healthy eating regime and one of the things I was craving more than anything was my snack foods! You see, I’m a notorious snacker and will snack till my hearts content from gluten free toast to coeliac friendly crisps. Which is why I obviously gave these snacks up as it wasn’t healthy! So I was super happy when I discovered these Sakata rice crackers were under 9 calories and super healthy which meant that when I craved a snack, I could grab a couple of Sakata crackers!

The crackers go perfectly with a variety of dips. My personal favourite was the plain Sakata crackers dipped in a tub of either hummus or my home made guacamole! Plus, the crackers are so flavoursome that they’re just as nice without being dipped!

I do think the packs should come with a little warning, only because when you bite into just one of the crackers it takes all the strength you have to not carry on eating the whole pack!

I would definitely recommend other gluten free peeps to try these Japanese rice crackers! They taste very, very light, super healthy, great as a snack, brilliant for sharing and go perfect with dips! What’s more if you ‘like’ Sakata’s facebook page you can print off a 50p off voucher to be used in your local Waitrose store!


  1. We totally agree, we can never just eat one packet, the last time I bought some Amelie, Billy and mummy practically ate a whole packet in one go!!!!!!!

    1. Hey Louise, thank you ever so much for the comment! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who nearly are a whole packet in one go! They’re so hard to resist 🙂 Glad you all enjoyed them too!

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