Un-planned Weekends Can Sometimes Turn Out Better Than Expected!

I’ve usually got my weekends planned out two or three weeks in advance! So when this weekend just gone crept up, I realised I hadn’t made any plans! But as I’ve found out, unplanned weekends can sometimes turn out better than expected!

On Saturday I met up with my beautiful sister for a girly day of coffee, lunch, gossip and shopping!

Me and my sister are incredibly close and it’s sad as I hardly ever see her as she doesn’t live in Manchester [although I try and persuade her to move here all the time!]. We try and see each other as often as we can, either when I pop home to see my parents in Yorkshire or on days like Saturday, when she comes up to Manchester!

We ended up spending most of the afternoon in the Northern Quarter, which is one of her favourite places in Manchester. We had lunch at a bar called Apotheca which is situated next door to Dough Pizza Kitchen and because its the ‘sister’ to Dough, it offers gorgeous gluten free pizzas on their menu!

We shared a Rustica Pizza which I’ve had before when my gorgeous friend Pam came to visit me in Manchester.

A Rustica Pizza involves rocket [which looks a little like dandelion leaves] with parmesan cheese, which is so tasty and very. very healthy! I highly recommend Apotheca as it’s stunning and cosy inside, the staff are super friendly and of course, they do the most gorgeous cocktails and gluten free pizzas! So if you’re ever in Manchester and near the Northern Quarter, definitely pop in for a quick bite to eat!

After spending all afternoon with my sister, I was ready for bed when it got to the evening! All I wanted to do with don my most fabulous pyjamas [FYI-they’re hideous] and just slob about in front of the telly!…

…but the evening took a turn got the better and I perked up as soon as my friends Lottie and Gez came round for some friendly competition with a game of Pictionary, Super Mario Cart and Crash Team Racing with me, Mike, Cassie and ‘Wheat Pete’ [Gez and Lottie weren’t allowed to be on the same team in Pictionary as they’re both illustrators!]

We also tried to play the Michael Jackson dance game but we ended up using it for background music much to mine and Lottie’s delight as we’re huge Jackson fans! The only people that had a dance on the game was  Mike and Gez, as they wanted to celebrate winning pictionary! We do have a video dancing to Earth Song, but I think they’d both kill me if I uploaded it!

Come Sunday, it was nice to spend the day being lazy with Mike and just had a day doing sweet f.a. So some the evening, I had stored enough energy to make a big dinner for me, Mike and ‘Wheat Pete’.

I’d discovered on Katie Boo Bakers amazing blog that she’d posted a picture of some taco trays by Discovery, which contained no wheat or gluten making it suitable for us coeliacs! But sadly, my Asda didn’t have any in stock apart from the Old El Paso taco shells. I doubled, tripled, quadrupled checked if they contained any gluten or wheat and I didn’t see any of them listed on the ingredients!

So I made us some Mexican inspired chilli with kindey beans to go with the taco shells which came out tasting really, really good! Although they have a recipe on the back of their box, I thought I’d tweak it a little by adding extra ingredients such as onions, garlic, tomato purée extra spices. I might upload the recipe this week for you all to try too!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!

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