Gluten Free Buffet Ideas

Well, we’ve all seen those Iceland adverts on the telly at the moment. Telling us to ‘dine like a celeb’ and buy some of their ready made buffet food. Yeah, that’s all fine and dandy if you aren’t unfortunate enough to have coeliac disease, as most of their food isn’t gluten free ūüôĀ . Even if you were to buy any of the buffet food from the major supermarkets you’d be lucky to find anything that’s gluten free!

So I’ve compiled a wee little list of buffet friendly ideas and recipes which will hopefully help you during the party season!


Meat Platters:



Obviously a vegetarians nightmare, a meat platter will please your meat loving friends and foes! What’s more, it’s naturally gluten free and pretty inexpensive if you were to make your own meat platter up! You don’t have to make something as impressive as the above picture, just a few little slices of meat, along with a dip, ¬†will do just fine! However, be extra, extra careful not to include meats that are not coated in breadcrumbs!

Different Types of Meat: 

  • Cold cuts of meat: ham, turkey, chicken, beef
  • Continental meats: serrano ham, smoked salami, prosciutto, sliced chorizo
However if time is of the essence you can buy meat platters from your local supermarkets such as
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Vegetable and Fruit Platters


[source] [source]

Usually referred to as ‘crudit√©s’ [which is pronounced ‘crew-di-tees’ and NOT ¬†‘crew-dites’ as I’ve been calling them for years!] is another naturally and very healthy gluten free party platter! They’re pretty easy to put together, always readily available and pretty inexpensive!

Examples of different types of fruit and vegetable you could use: 

  • Vegetables: peppers, carrots, celery, spring onions, cucumbers, radishes, mushrooms, broccoli and¬†cauliflower florets etc
  • Fruits:¬†pineapples, melon, apple, oranges and clementine¬†segments, pears, bananas, grapes, strawberries etc

Cheese and Gluten Free Crackers Platters



Another simple food platter to organise;  The cheese platter and gluten free crackers, will go down an absolute storm with the cheese lovers at your party! Obviously not suitable for your vegan, lactose intolerant and cheese hater guests, this dish will still be a hit with the others!

Examples of some cheeses:

  • cheddars¬†[any strength], feta,¬†Stilton,¬†Wensleydale, red¬†Leicester etc
Examples of gluten free crackers:
¬†But, if you’re stuck for time, like the meat, fruit and vegetable platters, some cheese platters come ready made! As always double and triple check that it’s suitable for those who suffer from coeliac disease and more importantly, don’t contain gluten crackers!

Nachos and Mexican Dips



Who doesn’t like nachos? I could eat them in bucketfuls and luckily for us, these’s quite a few brands out there that are suitable for us gluten freers! Nachos make a fabulous party platter dish as most people like them and what’s more, they go brilliantly with any Mexican inspired dip such as my ‘Holy Moly Guacamole’ dip or any pre bought salsa, sour cream or even refined beans!

And don’t forget there are other gluten free food platter ideas that will go great on your buffet table during this festive time:

Olives, Crisps and Nuts: 


And how could we forget the olives, crisps and nuts?! Such a handy nibble food to have on the buffet table, that’ll keep you going ¬†all through the night. What’s more, the olives will go great with the meat platter, especially with cold cuts of¬†Mediterranean style meats!

Don’t forget to double, triple and quadruple check to see whether they’re suitable for us gluten freers. Steer clear from dry roasted nuts, flavoured nuts and stick to plain, au natural nuts! The same applies to crisps as well, but obviously don’t go au natural with the crisps as who wants to eat plain, fried/baked sliced potato?! [and I’m not talking Ready Salted!]. Again, triple check packages and make sure the crisps don’t contain any wheat and gluten!

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