Product Review – Dietary Specials Frozen Yorkshire Puddings

As some of you may know, I love Yorkshire puddings and I have blogged about how much I love them, but also loathe them, when it comes to baking them from scratch!

 Back in the [good ol’] days when I could eat practically anything, my parents would always buy me a pack of frozen pre made Yorkshire’s, so when I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, the Yorkshire pudding was the another one of those foods that I actually really missed!

 I was elated to have made some gluten free Yorkshire’s from scratch but there’s times (well most times) when I just can’t be bothered with faffing about with making them! I missed the convenience of pre made Yorkshire’s as every time I had a roast dinner, I wanted them with my meal.

I knew Dietary Specials did gluten free Yorkshire puddings but I foolishly assumed they wouldn’t taste like how I remembered as with other gluten free alternatives on the market, some don’t taste like what you remember. (However, this was before I tasted anything from Dietary Specials which I might add do fabulous and tasty gluten free foods).

 The pack comes with 8 Yorkshire puddings of medium size. They cook in the oven in under 5 minutes and more importantly….


And in mine and Mikes (who isn’t coeliac) opinion, these taste better than any frozen Yorkshire’s on the market. They’re tasty, light and don’t feel heavy on the stomach.

I like them so much that last week, I ended up having 6 Yorkshire puddings with my meal! Call me greedy but I’m sure you’ll do the same when you try them for yourselves!

My only wish is that DS start making GIANT Yorkshire puddings as I miss those days when I would have my roast dinner inside one giant pud! But for now, I’m happy with what I’m given.


  1. Taste like proper Yorkshire puddings
  2. Readily available (I’ve bought mine in the freezer sections of ASDA and Sainsburys)
  3. People who don’t have coeliac disease also like them
  4. Quick and easy to cook – just pop them in the oven
  5. They’re really light on the stomach


  1.  Only get 8 in a pack (but that’s because I’m greedy)
  2. Would like to see them in the freezer section in Tesco
  3. Contain milk and eggs, so not suitable for people with egg and diary intolerances.


  1. What a great review of our yorkshire puds! We also like the fact that you managed to have 6 last week 😀 Yorkshire puddings are definately up there with one of the most missed foods for people with coeliac disease or following a gf diet. After all, what’s a traditional roast without them?! Glad that Mike liked them as well.

  2. these are super and a life saver, 3 min in the oven trouble is everyone else eats my yorkshire puds well done DS now we need puff pastry!!

  3. You’re more than welcome DS 😀 They’re absolutely delicious and I still can’t quite believe their gluten free!

    and I totally agree Colin, would love it if their did puff pastry but I’m more than happy with their short crust!

  4. I’ve always said that the best bit of any meal is the Yorkshire pud. It is so versatile as sweet or savoury, so no longer being able to eat them was the very worst bit of becoming gluten intolerant!!! Until I found these! I hate to admit that I also ate the whole pack in one sitting….well, they ARE only little! A bigger bag please so they last longer! :0))

  5. I couldn’t agree more Laura! Although I’m worried that if they did bigger bags then I’d end up eating more and get an ever expanding waist 😛

  6. Glad you love these as much as I do – we have them with our roast dinner every Sunday and I recently made a product request for them to be added to Ocado too – fingers crossed as at the moment I have to make a special shopping trip just for these (they are worth it though!).

    I agree a giant yorkshire pudding would be great – I used to have my dinner in them too and it would be wonderful to do that as an occasional treat!

  7. Hey Jo 🙂
    Thanks for telling me about them too when I was failing miserably when making them from scratch! I’m so glad I bought them now I can’t get enough 😛 Fingers crossed for you that they get added to Ocado and also they start making GIANT puds too ;D xx

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