Fosters Gluten Free Fish and Chips

The one thing me and my friend Amy miss more than anything since being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease is a good ol’ fashioned bag of fish and chips. I absolutely love the stuff which I think has something to do with my dad owning a chippy when I was younger. I literally lived off the stuff! Yet, since being diagnosed I haven’t been able to enjoy fish and chips anymore… that is, until I came across Fosters!

Fosters is situated in Didsbury and Alderly Edge in Manchester. They are a family run business who litrally breathes, lives and eats fish and chips, so you know they know their stuff when it comes to good, tasting food. All their batter is made from natural ingredients and their potatoes are locally sourced.

They realised that people with coeliac disease and other food intolerence couldn’t experience the traditional delight of fish and chips. Therefore they dedicate Sundays  to a gluten free experience. First Sunday of month for their Alderley Edge shop and EVERY Sunday for their Didsbury shop.

Me and Mike visited their Didsbury shop to try out their gluten free fish and chips. Although we had a choice of taking out our meals, we opted to eat in as we were impressed with their modern, clean and fun looking restaurant! We were greeted by their friendly staff and shown our table and menu; which I might add was so impressive! You had a choice of different fishes to try from Hake to Swordfish, but I opted for the classic, Battered Cod. I was even more suprised that I was able to have a bowl of ‘batter bit’s, as this was something I miss from my days when my dad owned his chippy.

Just take a look at the size of the portions you get! My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw it – in a good way though!

The battered cod was done to perfection. It was just how I remembered good fish tasting; light yet also crispy! The chips too we’re done to how I like but tasted even better with a bit of mushy peas added to them!

I really would recommend Fosters gluten free fish and chip days for all those who, like me, miss fish and chips! You get amazing sized portions, the staff are super friendly, the service is top notch and you get to eat fish and chips again! 


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