Busy Weekend

Apologies for lack of posts but my weekend [and week for that matter!] have been somewhat hectic.

I’ll be moving out soon, so the house is having an epic clean, things have to packed or thrown and it’s Mikes birthday tomorrow [being the super organised girlfriend that I am, I havn’t got him a present yet! ARGH!]

But apart from being super busy, I have been able to fit in some fun time with the homies!

Friday night consisted of me, Mike, Bex and Tom doing what all 24+ year olds do on a Friday night… have a board game marathon! We ended up playing Sorry at first and I’d forgotten how competitive I get with that game! It’s usually expected to have some kind of ‘leeway’ with friends,  but I took no prisoners. I was ruthless, which resulted in me getting bit on the bum and loosing the game! Rapidough was just as fun but it took 4 University graduates to work out the simple rules on the back, considering the game is aimed at children! It was girls verses boys and we’d have won if it wasn’t for Mike cheating and stealing half of our dough! [tsk tsk!].

But the highlight of the night was Bex suddenly declaring that she’s off to make cake and she made a gluten free Victoria sponge! It was glorious and she was super surprised how easy and versatile it was to cook with gluten free flour!


[I thought I’d experiment with being a hipster and post these as polaroids]

That weekend I also stayed at Mikes and brought round a gluten free bread roll to be used for my breakfast in the morning. However, when I woke up in the morning starving I realised my bread roll had been moved. Maybe it’d had been moved to the bread  bin or a separate cupboard? I asked Mike’s housemate, Pete, where it could have gone.

Me: “Where’s my bread roll gone?”
Pete: “What bread roll?”
Me: “The bread roll that was on the worktop…”
Pete: “That stale bread roll?….”
Me: “Yes, that stale bread roll!!!?!?”
Pete: [sweating now] “I thought it was off…. I urm, urm, put it in the bin”
Me: [RAGE!!!!!!!]

And for punishment, I’ve placed his face on a blade of wheat. We’ve made up though, but next time he’ll be made into a gluten free bread roll!

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