Glutafin Digestive Biscuits – Mini Review

I was lucky to receive a huge hamper from Glutafin the other day, which included gluten free delights such as pizza bases, pasta and digestive biscuits!

Since I’m not really a biscuit kinda gal, I wasn’t particularly excited to see them [the Glutafin biscuits] in my hamper, but today I ended up craving biscuits, so I blessed my lucky stars and got a little bowl full of Glutafin biscuits to go with my coffee!

They tasted just like normal biscuits! Buttery, biscuity and scrumptious – especially dipped in my coffee! The actual texture reminded me of ginger biscuits – if that makes sense?

[please don't judge my little mermaid bowl - 
I'm slightly obsessed!]

Kiki also liked the biscuits too!

[fyi: it may look like I could be having a possible wardrobe malfunction 
but I can assure you that I have another top on underneath!]

Kiki after stealing my biscuit! She ate the whole piece and came begging for more!

So Glutafin Digestive Biscuits get two thumbs up from both me and Kiki Winklebottom! 

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