Happy Belated Ferret Day!!

Argh! I’m such a terrible owner that I forgot the most important day in my little ferrets life – National Ferret Day  [5th May – which is also my mums birthday!]

Well, to be fair, Kiki Winklebottom [my ferret] won’t have a clue what day it is, nor would she care but I feel pretty bad that I didn’t use this opportunity to spread awareness of ferret ownership!

National Ferret Day gives those an opportunity to dispel those common myths regarding ferrets, you know the ones – “can they bite fingers off?”, “do they smell?”, “are they really vicious?” . If I had a penny every time someone asked me whether of not Kiki was vicious, I’d be a rich woman right now!

Do They Bite?

Kiki is in fact, the softest thing ever. She will never lash out, never latch on to your skin, gives amazing cuddles, but does she bite? Of course she bites. I think anything with teeth will bite given the chance. Has she ever bit me? Nope and never has in the 5 years I’ve had her. I don’t think she dares bite the hands that feeds her! She does how ever play with her teeth a lot, a bit like puppies, she will run her teeth across your hand but will never, ever put pressure on it! 

Do They Smell?

Yes and they don’t half pong!  I really can’t describe it but they do carry this musky smell which can be eliminated through bathing once a week and cleaning their bedding. I do believe male ferrets and much larger ferrets smell a lot worse then Kiki does [she’s female and very tiny!] I’ve got used to the smell since I’ve had her for so long, but if I’m ever travelling with her, I will spray her with ferret ‘smelling good’ spray which makes her smell of coconuts! 

How Do You Keep Them?

You can keep ferrets in two ways; in side your house in an indoor cage or out side in a suitable ferret out door cage. I keep Kiki inside my bedroom in a cage. It’s the only place in the house that I can ensure is ‘ferret proof’. She’s never really inside her cage, but runs freely in my bedroom, sleeping on my bed and using the cage as a toilet. However, if I am leaving her alone or I’m off out, I will put her back in the cage so she’s safe! 

What Is Their Personality Like?

They’re a mix between a cat and a dog – more so a dog. They absolutely love their owner[s]! She follows me around, runs to me for cuddles and attention if she hasn’t seen me for a while, you can walk her on a lead, she loves to play with toys – especially balls, she ‘purrs’, well, ‘clicks’ when she’s happy. They get so giddy for no apparent reason and Kiki has me, Mike and my housemates in stitches everyday with her giddyness! They also ‘fall in love’ with the weirdest of objects, at the moment she’s fallen in love with a tennis ball of all things. So she carries it around in her mouth, hides it from me, sleeps next to it and gives it biscuits! 

Talking of hiding things – ferrets are hoarders! Seriously, she takes everything I owe! Chocolate wrappers, photos, CDS, DVDS, socks, underwear, clothes, pens, make up brushes, lighters, remote controls, glasses, mobile phones, coins, ear rings, chargers, books, shoes, shoe in soles – the list is endless!

But if you really want to know what a ferret [or Kiki Winklebottom] is like, I compiled a video for her ‘fans’ on youtube, to show how funny she really is! Hope you enjoy it!


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