World’s Most Famous Coeliac?

Could the tennis champ; Novak Djokovic, be the worlds most famous Coeliac? 

Thanks to ‘twitterverse’, I noticed a lot of coealic sufferers were tweeting about Novak Djokovic and debates whether or not his success was down to his gluten free diet. After much investigating, aptly ‘googling’ his name along with ‘gluten free’, I came across a few [yet surprisingly not a lot] of articles regarding his success and how he believes his gluten free lifestyle led to this achievement.

Djokovic has had a breakout season with some even claiming he’s quite possibly, ‘the world’s best athlete of 2011’. Having won 39 matches, the Serb tennis champ beat Rafael Nadal in the Rome Masters, and smashing his way past Britain’s Andy Murray in the semi-finals, Djokovic has gone from strength to strength!

Yet instead of just attributing his amazing success to his strong serve, his hard work or training [which surely must have played some small part in his success], Djokovic has stated his gluten free diet helped him overcome his allergy and secure that winning streak.

I really credit Djokovic for bringing world wide attention to Coeliac Disease. He’s living proof that we coeliac’s can live relatively normal lives and excel in them! Although going on a gluten free diet isn’t going to make us in to tennis champs [I wish!], it’s just refreshing to know more positive things about life on a gluten free diet.

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