The Gluten Free Challenge – Day 1

Yesterday, I miraculously persuaded Mike to make me something for dinner and to go gluten free.

Usually, I cook something for dinner and he usually has the gluten alternative, but somehow I managed to get him to try gluten free spagetthi from Glutafin. I don’t think he was up for the challenge at first, since he was trying to worm his way out it “do I have to go gluten free?”, “what if I don’t like  it?”, “what if I can’t cook it?” etc, etc. After a few minutes of death stares from my part, he reluctantly gave up and tried gluten free pasta.

He made me a scrumptiousspaghetti bolognese from scratch, keeping in mind not to include things that contained any gluten and wheat – until he found out brown sauce has gluten and wheat in, which scarpered his plans somehow. Yet, considering he didn’t include one ‘vital’ ingredient [the brown sauce], the bolognese came out tasting absolutely delicious!

Mikeys thoughts on gluten free cooking and food:

I think gluten free is not promoted very well, without you i wouldn’t have paid attention to it. It shocked me just how much food contains gluten. The gluten free pasta we had was really nice. Which is a surprise considering alot of the stuff I have tried tastes rubbish

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