The Gluten Free Challenge – Day 2 (part a)

Today my friend Gez came round for some lunch.

I somehow persuaded him to have his lunch at mine but under one condition, he’d have to have gluten free food!

After much pleading and begging, he finally succumbed to having his bacon butty with gluten free bread!

His words on gluten free bread [FYI: It was Tesco’s free from bread]

“It tastes all right, but, it tastes like sponge, but not sponge” [me: “hahahaha what!?”] “… O.K it has a different consistency for bread fo’sho – more spongy… wait, it tastes sweet too – like cake!”

there, ladies and gentlemen, is Gez’s verdict on gluten free bread!


After an hour has passed, Gez has just rang me now, just saying “It tastes like a muffin! A MUFFIN!”

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