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Before I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease I was in love with Italian food and Bella Italia . After my diagnosis, if friends or family wanted to go to Bella Italia, I would most often decline. There just wasn’t any hope in finding something ‘gluten free’ on their menu when the majority of the menu was either pasta, bread or pizza.

That is, until I read on a forum that Bella Italia does in fact do, gluten free food?

I went on their website, looked through their links and there was nothing on their site to do with gluten free food. On top of that, there was no one else that had mentioned their gluten free food so I assumed it was just a myth! That is, until I realised it was in fact Coeliac Awareness Week and thought they’d be no harm in emailing them to ask and more importantly, spread awareness of coeliac disease….

This morning I received an email from them….

Dear Saara

Thank you for your interest in Bella Italia.

Please find attached a copy of our gluten free menu.


BI Gluten Menu

Their gluten free menu!

On top of that! If you sign up to Student Beans website [a site dedicated to providing students with amazing money off vouchers], you can print out a 50% voucher for Bella Italia to be used between Monday and Wednesday!! [However this offer  may only be applicable within the Manchester area]

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