Glutafin Hamper

This week, I received a huge box from the postman which understandably caught me by surprise! The usual, “what the heck have I been buying?” thoughts ran through my mind, until I realised this generous (and quite heavy!) box is my free hamper from Glutafin!

Glutafin is a company which offers ‘the widest range of gluten free prescription foods for people diagnosed with coeliac disease’. You can get anything from seeded bread to taglitelle pasta, PLUS! (and this is a big plus), they send you a huge hamper of samples before you order on prescription for FREE!

I was expecting little samples from them considering they’d sent it out for free so you can imagine my surprise when I opened it to find it was filled to the brim with products galore!

I got everything from a pizza base to crackers, to gluten free brown bread to flour mixes and pasta! I just couldn’t believe it!

I will be reviewing the products and giving my own personal opinion of them, but at the moment I’m eating their delicious mini crackers and they’re so tasty! (which is a first, since I’ve never liked crackers!)

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