Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Mum

Today my mum celebrated her 51st birthday and to commemorate this day, we decided to take a little day trip to the most beautiful city in England, York.

I had such a wonderful day in York with my mum, sister and brother but my God, we walked a hell of a lot! You kind of underestimate how much walking you actually do when you’re sight seeing, my legs are chuffing killing me!

We started off visiting the York Castle Museum, which weirdly, was not in a castle nor had anything to do with York castle! We’d opted to go here as we were eager to see the York Castle Prison as we had found out we had some connection to the place!

My wonderful great Aunt Joan was an avid fan of piecing together out family tree and lucky for us, she had provided us with such a detailed account of our family tree with photos, documents, birth certificates, held together in a huge photo album, that we are able to see as far back as the 1800s. However, it is during this time that we learnt of the fatal tragedy of one of our family members, Caroline Ellis.

Now I don’t really know in great detail what really happened just the basic facts, but Caroline Ellis was a servant girl for the Wraith Family in the 1800s. Tragically, a man named Patrick Reid, murdered Ellis and the Wraith family [more details can be found here: http://www.leedsmercury.mirfield-2ndlook.info/1848/Saturday,%20January%201,%201848%20Mirfield%20Murders%2017.pdf] Thankfully, Reid was found guilty for the crimes and was taken to York Castle Prison for his execution [evidence can be found here: http://www.yorkcastleprison.org.uk/family-history/condemned/Patrick+Reid] Can you see the connection now ;).

Yet regardless of such a macabre outing [we also visited York Dungeon!] we had such a wonderful time and I hope my Mum had an unforgettable birthday.

Love You Mum x

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