What A Week!

Apologies for not posting this week, it’s been quite eventful to say the least.

Due to going home for a couple of days, I had a lot of catching up to do when I came back to Manchester on Wednesday! Thanks to the glorious sunshine as well, I’ve been making an appearance in the gorgeous public parks we have dotted around in Manchester. However, the over all highlight of the week was the Royal Wedding we had on the 29th.

Now I’m not really a royalist, but I must admit I was whipped into the whole frenzy of the royal wedding. I got so excited watching them all arrive at the church and seeing how beautiful Kate looked in that wedding dress – twas very Grace Kelly esque!

Yet, the highlight of the day was the fact that Manchester had an impressive array of street parties dotted around the city! Everywhere I looked, someone was having a street party – I assumed street parties had died in the ‘yester- years’!

However, I did manage to get myself down to one of the many street parties and I chose a 1940s themed street party in the heart of the ‘arty’ area of Manchester, The Northern Quarter.

The party had really made an effort to make you feel you had stepped back in time to the 1940s! Not only were you encouraged to ‘dress up’ [Mike turned up wearing jeans and a t-shirt!], they also had 1940s music playing, world war army men, 1940s decor and even a rations booklet!

All in all, the whole week was a blinding success!

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