A Thundery Saturday and Awesome Cupcakes

Today the weather took a ‘slight’ turn for the worse.

It started off so well. We we’re sat outside round the table when I heard a distinct sound… the sound of rumbling thunder. I just assumed it was a passing plane, that is until I saw a flash of lightening! My plans of lounging in the sunshine were ruined, so I moped inside the house to await the downpour…

…oh and it rained. hard.

So with nothing else to do I decided now’s the time to start making some gluten free cupcakes!

I’ve been so nervous baking gluten free things as I’ve heard horror stories of people from trying to do this. I’ve also heard that they can taste quite rubbish so you can imagine I was also pretty nervous making my own gluten free cupcakes!

But they turned out to be the GREATEST GLUTEN FREE CUPCAKES I HAVE EVER MADE!!!!! They we’re glorious and tasted just like the real thing!!

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