Happy Good Friday!

Today was by far, the hottest day in Yorkshire [to me it was anyway!]

I’d come home to spend the easter holidays with my parents, as I was missing them… plus I was in desperate need of some TLC!
The day started well, I’d got up and ventured into town with my mum and sister for a ‘doss’ , as we say in ‘The North’ [it means ‘a look around’]. I came back and relaxed like a professional sunbather on my dads hammock!

For dinner my dad made me and him…


Seriously, I had TWO HELPINGS of the stuff. I tried to take pictures of him cooking so you can all copy the recipe, but he was like ‘Speedy Gonzales’ [the speedy mexican mouse from loony toons], so it was pretty hard to document it, but I did try my best! Hope you all had an even ‘awsomer’ [I know that’s not even a word-but I like it!] good friday whatever you planned to do!

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