Happy 85th Birthday Queenie

Today, the Queen of England is celebrating her 85th birthday!

I know some of you may not care or she isn’t your monarch but I thought it’d be nice to pay her a little tribute – plus, I’m constantly reminded of her since she’s on our currency.

Now I wouldn’t call myself a royalist but then again, I wouldn’t say I’m not interested in the Royal family – to be fair, my interest is partly due to my little crush I have of Prince Harry!

Anyhow, here are some of the many ‘interesting’ facts about ‘Queenie E’:

  1. The Queens been married to Philip for over 60 years! [She is the first British monarch to have celebrated a Diamond Wedding Anniversary!]
  2. She sends a telegraph to those who are celebrating their 100th birthday
  3. She has two birthdays [her real one is today!]
  4. Hey favourite animal are her Corgi dogs. She’s owned more than 30 but her current ones are called; Monty, Willow, Holly, Emma and Linnet!
  5. The Queen is 5’4 [she’s taller than me! – I’m 5’3]
  6. She enrolled has a Girl Guide when she was 11
  7. On her honeymoon to Prince Philip, she took her Corgi Susan with them
  8. Every Christmas day, her speech is broadcast [I’m usually in a food coma when she’s on telly]. But she writes these speeches herself
  9. She is the only person in Britain who can drive without a licence or a registration number on her car.
  10. She is the only British monarch in history properly trained to change a spark plug
  11. On VE Day she and her sister slipped into the crowd to celebrate
  12. She collected clothing coupons for her wedding dress
  13. The Queen has a bank account at Coutts & Co. There is a Coutts cash-dispensing machine in Buckingham Palace
  14. The Queen introduced a new breed of dog known as the “dorgi”, when one of the corgis mated with a dachshund named Pipkin
  15. She demoted a footman for feeding her corgis whisky

oh and 16. The Queen also dislikes wheat and anything that’s not gluten free!

Ok, fact 16. is obviously a little lie, but that picture of her looking disgusted with some scones makes me chuckle a little!

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