Diaster On A Mega Scale.

Urgh. urgh. urgh and URGH!!!

Over the weekend, my lovely boyfriend Mike, surprised me with my first bunch of flowers from him – ever (we’ve been dating over two years now!) I wanted to place the bunch of flowers near a place where I could always see them – on my desk. The only problem, I have my laptop on the desk. So I vowed to be careful, I mean, I had my own vase of daffodils next to my laptop for weeks with no spillage… however… I neglected to think of the obvious problem with placing a vase of water near my laptop…

I made the decision in 2007 to have a little companion while I was studying in Manchester as I was feeling pretty lonely without my cats. So with my parents blessing and my house mates, I was allowed to get a pet. So instead of going down the ‘normal’ route of easy pets, I go and pick a ferret as my pet of choice. Not realising how much hard work they are, how much they smell, how much they just don’t listen to you, how much they ruin your room etc

Yet, regardless of the mega flaws I do love my little ferret; Kiki Winklebottom.

Anyhow, back to my mega disaster….

So as I said, she’s quite inquisitive so whenever she was around or if I ever left the room while she was out of her cage, I would put the vase of flowers on a high shelf so she couldn’t get to it… that is, till I went to the loo. I was only going to be a sec, Jersey Shore was on after all and I was eager to not miss a thing, so I thought since shes fast asleep on my bed, it’d be safe to just leave for a couple of seconds with the vase by the laptop….


Came back with a very sheepish Kiki and the sound of water dripping on the floor. Yep. In the space of 5 seconds she had managed to ruin my life. She had knocked the vase of water all over my laptop. I’m quite suprised I was so calm, although I’m sure I must have looked quite manic to my housemate as she rushed in to rescue both Kiki and laptop. She advised me to ‘NOT TURN IT ON TILL ITS FULLY DRY’ and to think positive.

But, my housemate should know me by now [we have lived together now for almost six years] that I have no patience and when Jersey Shore is involved… I must do everything in my power to not miss an episode. So I thought, “I know, why don’t dry the laptop with my hair dryer” I even chuckled to myself thinking “Saara, you absolute genius’ … that is, until my smile was rudly wiped off my face when I saw my letters of my keyboard melt before my eyes and drop off!

Mike tried to reassure me that some of the letters that dropped off I don’t use anyway like the “fn key” [you have two on your keyboard], “the windows taskbar button” and the letter “z”…. till I kindly pointed out to him [kind of] that “there is two letter ‘z’s in my name douche bag!”

So yeah, my laptop is officially broken. I tried to turn it on before and there’s no life in that old girl 🙁 Everything I have is on that bloomin’ contraption. Although Mike has reassured me that things can be saved and in the mean time, Mike has given me his laptop… if I promise not to place any vases full of water neat it 🙂

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