A Thoughtful Gift

Whether you know someone who has just been diagnosed with coeliac disease and is in need of some TLC or it’s your friends birthday, who like yourself, is coeliac – then here’s the greatest gift idea – EVER!

I remember one of my dear friends did this for me when it was my birthday and ever since, I’ve always thought it was such a thoughtful present to give to someone who is a student on a budget….


Having spent many years immersed in the student way of life, I know that every penny counts, however when you’re a student, treats like gluten free cookies etc will often take a back seat as they are always pretty expensive!

Although, you don’t really need to buy a gift box and fill it up with gluten free treats, you can also just wrap each gluten free treat up individually and save money on a gift box. However, I like the idea of a gift box as it becomes a very valuable storage box for years to come!

Here is an example of a cute box from Paperchase. It’s £4.00 [dated 18th April 2011] and if you aren’t as lucky to live near a paperchase, you can get it delivered.

Once you have your cute gift box, all you need to do is take a trip down to any supermarket and fill it up with any gluten free foods you can think of – I’m thinking gluten free caramel shortbreads, gluten free cookies and gluten free bakewell tarts (all from Asda Supermarket)

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