Ultimate Jacket Potato Recipe

As Delia Smith once said, “If you ever feel like treating yourself and want something supremely soothing and comforting that costs almost nothing ,  just bake yourself the biggest potato you can lay your hands on

Although any ‘type’ of supermarket potato can be used to bake, it’s been known that Desirée potatoes are perfect for baking as they have a fluffy centre and form a crispy outing. Luckily, Desirée potatoes are found all year round and are cheap.

Please note that times can vary depending if you have a microwave at hand, however do not worry about not having a microwave.


  • 1 Big Potato
  • Salt
  • Oil (pref Olive Oil)
  • Butter/Margarine



  1. Pre-Heat Oven at Gas Mark 5/ 190°c
  2. Wash potato under the tap, until clean, and dry with a tea towel
  3. Using a fork, prick several holes into the potato
  4. Place potato on a microwavable plate and blast in the microwave for 10 mins. If the potato is soft to touch and not hard, it’s ready for the oven.
  5. Cover the potato in a small amount of oil, rub it into the skin of the potato and sprinkle on the salt (this is used to dry out the skin, perfect for giving it that ‘crispy’ jacket)
  6. Place the potato in the centre of the oven and let it bake until the outside is crispy [please note: this make take up to an hour or so if you have not pre baked the potato in the microwave]
  7. Once crispy, take the potato out of the oven and cut it how you want it – lengthways, two slits etc.
  8. Fluff the potato inside with a fork and place a generous amount of butter/margarine

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