Can You Eat Potatoes?

Hands up, how many times have you been asked this question? I don’t how or why some people think WHEAT is included in potatoes…
But to answer their questions.. yes, we CAN eat potatoes, and my god, don’t we eat them in bucketfuls.

Potatoes, in any variety, shape or form are often the ‘safest foods’ we can eat that are found in most cafes and restaurants menus, yet it’s always Jacket Potatoes. But some people are often ‘put off’ making Jacket Potatoes (like my boyfriend, Mike) because it’s either too time consuming or just quite bland – “how can a potato fill me up?” is one of the questions my Mike always asks. Although he was forced to eat humble pie, when my parents made him Jacket Potatoes when he came for dinner – they’d [potatoes] filled him up and we’re equally as delicious.

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