Sunny Days and Barbeques

What a great weekend!

Finally, after months of cold, snow, rain and gale, the sun finally decided to put his hat on and treat us to some glorious sunshine! I’d forgotten what it feels like to walk out of your house without a coat, to walk in the sunshine and sit in a beer garden, without shivering under one of those out door heaters!

Yet the one thing the sun does make us do, is generate a huge over bearing desire to have a barbeque! You should have seen my local park. It was bursting at the seams of a crazy amount of students and local people, having a barbeque amongst friends and frolicking in the sunshine!

Back in the early days of my diagnosis, the thought of having a barbeque often filled me with absolute dread! Whilst my friends and foes raided the nearest Asda of their smart price burgers, teacakes [bread rolls] and sausages, I was left counting the pennies and working myself up into a sweat whether I could a) afford the alternatives and b) whether the alternatives were a good match to the gluten delights.

So I thought I’d compile a list of some of the barbeque food alternatives out there at the moment. Bearing in mind, some of the prices shown are the prices set by the supermarket brand on 11th April 2011. These prices are subject to change.


  • Asda Extra Special Gluten Free Sausages £1.93
  • Aldi BBQ Sausages in Chilli Coating [price unknown]
  • Tesco Gluten Free Hot Dogs £2.00
  • Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Sicilian Style Sausages £2.59
  • Sainsbury’s Hot Dogs in Brine £0.75
  • Sainsbury’s Vegetarian Glamorgan Leek & Cheese Sausages £1.89


  • Tesco 8 100% Beef Burgers £2.19 [please note: this must be 100% beef]
  • Aldi Beef Burgers [price unknown]
  • Aldi 6oz Irish Beef Burgers [price unknown]
  • Sainsburys Frozen 100% Beef Burgers £2.19
  • Morrisons 8 Prime British Beef Burgers [price unknown]

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