Wow, how very exciting!

My own blog!


Oh gosh, those ‘what the hell do I type’ jitters have set in. I suppose I could start off introducing myself and explaining why one earth I’ve created a blog.

Well, my names ‘Saara’ which is pronounced ‘Sarah’. I’m currently 24 years old, one year away from hitting my quarter life crisis (dum, dum DUUUM!!). I hail from the ol’ mighty Yorkshire, from a little town called Dewsbury, which is located in between Leeds and Huddersfield. I moved to Manchester in 2005 to study at Manchester Metropolitan University and it took me roughly, five whole years, of sweat and tears, to finish a three year degree. Aye, you may mock, but having the set backs I had obviously pushed me back, but as all set backs prove, they just make you that little bit stronger and more determined. I finally graduated in 2010 with an impressive 2:1 (I say impressive, but I had a strong belief I’d scrape a 3rd!)

One of the many set backs I faced in my glory days was being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. I was having a pretty rough time in my first year.  I was being bullied at my then job, I was terribly homesick, I had been attacked, I had developed anxiety and depression and then, the ‘creme de la creme’ or the ‘cherry on top’ became my diagnosis. I had just been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease.

This meant I had to completely change my eating habits. I had to say goodbye to the foods that most students cherished – “goodbye pizza”, “goodbye burger”, “goodbye pot noodle” . It also meant I had to toughen up, learn how to cook and understand my coeliac disease a lot better.

I was however, very lucky (if you could say that!) to have been diagnosed when I had. I know from talking to others, that having coeliac disease in the past was a horrid experience, in terms of finding replacement foods such as gluten free pasta as well as finding decent gluten free cookbooks. I’m or should I say ‘we’re’ lucky because now we are quite simply, spoilt for choice. We have an aisle dedicated for us now! We have companies such as ‘Warbutons’ baking us some delicious gluten free bread and we have an enormous catalogue of excellent gluten free cookbooks for example, my personal fave; Phil Vickery!

Yet what stands out for me more than anything is how I was finding it difficult to find student gluten free cookbooks. Now, I’m not talking about the standard cookbook, I’m talking student here. You know the book, that your older siblings pass down like it’s a priceless family heirloom, or the book your parents give you in the hope you don’t die of starvation – its the ‘holy bible’ of ‘studentsville’ – THE STUDENT COOKBOOK.

The book would tell you the basics, the basics any student needs to know – CHEAP QUICK FAST SIMPLE YET DELICIOUS FOOD – such as ‘boiling an egg’, ‘making an impressive pasta sauce that doesn’t come from a tin’ and other student delights. The one book that tears you away from spending your student loan on burgers, take-aways and pot noodles (*sniff)

So I thought. Why don’t I compile a list of the greatest gluten free student meal ideas EVER TO HAVE BEEN CREATED!! I know I have set myself a challenge here and yes, I know I am no longer a student, but I have been there for 5 years (stop judging!!) and I know what it’s like.

So here goes… WELCOME!

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