Brain Fog – What do you do?

I was due to write up a recipe post today for my roasted sweet potato ‘discs’ with garlic cod and healthy salad, but from the moment I woke up I’ve had this horrible brain fog, which makes me want to climb back into my bed and fall asleep till it goes.

[couldn't find a picture of 'brain fog' so drew my own - which helped!]

I’ve been experiencing it since monday morning and I don’t know whether I inadvertently ate something containing gluten when I went for a pub lunch with my mum and sister for mothers day? The only thing I could eat on the menu was mushroom soup or a bowl of baby potatoes. I obviously ate the soup [which I might add was the nicest soup I’ve ever tasted] but when I came back home, that’s when I felt as though I’d just been ‘glutened’ and even though the stomach pains and usual symptoms have gone [thank God!], I’ve still got this flipping brain fog!

Usually I’d put this down to my depression rearing it’s ugly head again. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for a long time and I usually have it under control by doing things to distract me, keeping myself busy with my blog, tablets and so forth. However, today I’ve tried my hardest to come out of it, even having a strong cup of coffee but all that’s done is made me feel really anxious.

So the reason I’m blogging this blog post about ‘Brain Fog’ is to get myself out of this ‘Foggy Funk’ [quite like it being called that!] and also ask all the fabulous coeliac’s out there what they do when they get the Foggy Funk?!


  1. Sorry you’re feeling foggy-funked… Just wanted to say that your images made me chuckle. I doubt that’ll help defog you, but maybe it’ll raise a smile. I think the only real advice I can give is something you’ll already know and you’ll have already heard: ‘this too shall pass’. In other words, you will feel better soon… I’m sure the real (not honorary!) coeliacs will have proper advice soon!


    1. I did raise a smile thank you 🙂 The ‘funky fog’ did inspire me to play some James Brown which did perk me up a little! Sadly I still feel the same today but it helps knowing that it’ll soon pass, thanks again Alex x

  2. I think I know how you feel. The past 3 weeks have been my most unproductive ever, I’ve had non stop brain fog and mine has been down to stress. I know what you mean about wanting to sleep it off, I tried but it didn’t help. Today has been my first productive day in those 3 weeks and the only thing I can put it down to is that I had some nice news last night. Whenever the brain fog appears for me it is totally stress related but when I’m happy I’m super productive and fog free.

    I hope it passes soon because it’s horrible, I know. I wish I could tell you how to overcome it but like I say, the only way it lifts for me is if I’m happy. Today I’m somewhat happy but even at that level it seems to have helped. Go find something to laugh at and if you find the answer, please let me know!


    1. Hey Lee, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been under tremendous stress and that has no doubt played horribly on your overall mood. I get so worried when I get this brain fog that it’s a sign that I’m due a horrible depressive episode as I usually have it under control – which is emotionally draining at times. However some are saying it’s also one of the many symptoms of accidently eating something with gluten in. So I’m crossing my fingers that it’s the gluten to blame.
      I’m so glad that you’re feeling more productive for the first time in three weeks due to some nice news you received! But if I find the way to overcome a brain fog, you’ll be the first to know! Although, from past experience, when I’ve felt like this and someone has told me a way to overcome it, the thought of doing what they’ve said is like I’m just about to scale Mount Everest [if that makes sense?]

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