Dominos Gluten Free Pizza -Just Not In The UK

There was plenty of talk yesterday in the land of Twitter about Dominos pizza doing gluten free pizza bases!

It all started when Mike tweeted me a menu from Dominos Pizza in Australia and New Zealand, and there lurking at the bottom left hand side was an option for a gluten free dominos pizza! {click here for the menu}  However,Dominos in the UK doesn’t have this option which is a reason why us coeliacs haven’t let a dominos pizza pass our lips for a long time!

Nobody could understand why Dominos in the UK wouldn’t do gluten free pizzas. So, sicking together and creating a little twitter army, we bagan to spread the word by retweeting a tweet which was made by one of my followers; Martin Saunders.

 So the retweets prompted Dominos UK to respond and send the following tweet:

Martin even offered to find a supplier for them but he was asked to write a letter to the head office. Even Gluten Free Bistro, a company that makes tasty gluten free treats, offered to become their supplier. 

So fingers crossed ladies and G’s, as there’s still a chance we could have dominos pizza again like our Aussie friends. Let’s hope they find a supplier quickly and keep on looking!

However, don’t despair as we still have some fabulous gluten free pizza places out here in the UK that we can still enjoy. Thanks to all this talk about pizza on twitterville meant some of us was tweeting their favourite restaurants or take outs that do gluten free pizzas:

Mammas American Pizza Co – Edinburgh

Red Tomato Pizza and Pasta Takeaway – Doncaster

Credo Pizza – Dublin

Bake At Home Pizza Company – Fulham

Dough Pizza Kitchen – Manchester

Hell Pizza – Ireland and London

Atomic Pizza – Oxford

Bruschetta – Kingston

Da Gianni – Hull [with 24 hours notice]

Bella Italia – Nationwide

Thanks so much to those who tweeted me about these fabulous restaurants and take outs, if you know of any more I would love for you to leave a little comment below and I’ll get it added to the list!

Also, if you’re wondering where else cater for us coeliacs [and not just gluten free pasta and pizza], there’s a list of gluten free restaurants I’ve created. Although I’ve based my list on places in Manchester, a lot of the restaurants mentioned are nationwide 🙂

But if pre-made/frozen pizza is your thing, then check out Dietary Specials Bontà d’Italia Pizza! It’s by far, the greatest frozen pizza I’ve ever tasted! It’s hard to believe its gluten free and when my friends have tried a slice (when I’ve felt generous!) they’ve all be surprised at how nice it is and doesn’t taste like it should be gluten free! I’ll be writing up a more indepth review soon but do try and look out for it as I highly recommend it!

If you would like get involved in showing Dominos that we want gluten free pizza here in the UK, please sign my petition:


  1. Bruschetta is an Italian family run restaurant in Kingston with a full gluten free menu will home made pizzas and pastas. A coeliacs heaven!!!

    1. hey Alex, thank you so much for letting me know about Bruschetta. Just had a look at their website, looks amazing! I’ll get it added to the list asap! 🙂

  2. Since I started the gluten-free diet, I’ve never struggled to find a tasty meal. I live in Canada and there are quite a few eateries that either specialize in gluten-free cuisine or offer some dishes free of gluten. I have no problem finding crêpes and homemade desserts without gluten. There is a great small restaurant called Hibiscus Café and dining in is a pure pleasure for my taste buds. However, with pizza, my favourite food, the situation is different. I still haven´t found a truly good gluten-free pizza that would tastes on par with its gluten-filled counterpart. The only chain offering pizza with a gluten-free crust is Pizza Pizza. Hopefully, Dominos will follow the lead.

    1. Hey Luke, Sorry to hear about your not having any luck with finding a place that offers you your favourite food 🙁 Let’s hope Dominos see how much it will benefit us as well as them when they start making gluten free bases everywhere 🙂

    1. Hey Laura B 🙂 Thanks so much for letting me know about the Italian restaurant in Hull that does gluten free! I’ve added it to the list for others 😀 thank you!

  3. Any one know of a any wheat free Pizza/pasta place near the south east of essex? Any restaurants or takeaways in essex at all? I have a list of great places around the UK specially in London and the North but nothing in the southe east essex – please help, thanks

  4. I love the GF pizza from Mamma’s in Edinburgh. Another place in Edinburgh that you don’t have on your list is La Favorita – this place does GF Pizza and pasta and is on Leith Walk 🙂

  5. Gluten pizza in UK very famous .Lots of people like and eats daily uses.i hope many people fevourite local food pizza hut .This pizza is bought a large no of countries people.

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